Children who consume Oily Fish are at a lower risk for Nasal Allergies – A new study

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Children who regularly consume oily fish like mackeral, salmon, sardine, and herring are at a lower risk for nasal allergies, according to a study from Sweden.


To prove it, researchers conducted a study on a group of children.  Their eating habits as well as the type of foods they eat at age 8 were gathered.  These children were then monitored until they reached age 16.  The finding showed that children who ate oily fish like herring and salmon were at a lower risk for allergic rhinitis as well as inflammation of the mucus membranes of the nasal passages.


According to Diana Di Fabio, Dietary Intern at Cleveland Clinic, even though the findings show that the consumption of fish by children provides them resistance against nasal allergies, children can derive the same benefit from eating a well-balanced diet that comprises of items from all food groups, and if children have the habit of consuming fish at an early age, say 8, then it is a good indicator for healthy eating habits.  According to her, children who are picky eaters have the tendency to avoid fish and other nutrition-riden foods and are easily prone to chronic nasal allergies, but children who consume fish and eat a variety of other foods are likely to develop resistance against nasal allergies and colds.  Diana Di Fabio was not involved in the study.

Jessica Magnusson, lead author of the study, and her collegues, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, stated that coryza or rhinitis is one of the most common chronic childhood diseases.


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As a part of their initial study, 1590 participants, both parents and children were given questionnaire to answer.  The questionnaire carried questions on how often children consumed the 98 different varieties of food and beverages that are common in Sweden.  The questionnaire also carried specific questions on the consumption of different types of oily fish like sardine, mackeral, herring, salmon as well as less-oily fish like pike, cod, and tuna.

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The results showed that children who ate oily fish were at a lower risk for nasal allergies by half compared to that of children who consumed other less-oily fish.


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