Link between Consumption of Fatty Foods and Early Death – A new study

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If you are among those thousands who consume plenty of cream and butter, you are not at risk to die early from type 2 diabetes, heart attack , or stroke; this is according to a new finding carried out by researches from Canada, published in BMJ (British Medical Journal).


According to the researchers, they found no direct link to connect between consuming fatty foods and early deaths from cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, or any other serious ailments as previously thought, but trans-fats such as margarine was found to be connected to serious diseases.


According to a statement given out by Dr. Russell De Souza, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, though the finding show no relation between fatty foods and early deaths, it is not a thumbs-up for everyone to go ahead and gorge on dairy foods, fatty meats, ice creams, or any other food stuffs that are high in saturated fats.


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Researchers in McMaster University, Canada, had analyzed 12 studies that were carried out previously.  The study was done on nearly 90,000 to 340,000 patients across each study.  The study was carried out in order to find a link that connects between consumption of saturated fats and serious health problems like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, or type 2 diabetes, but they failed to find one.

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Not everyone is happy with this study and finding, some academicians have shown their resentment.   They said such reporting would send out wrong signals to the people, worldwide.  People would start eating whatever they like.

Professor Tom Sanders, King’s College, London, to the Independent said it would not be a good thing to misinterpret this finding and think it is ok to gorge on fatty foods. 


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