Workout for Kids

kids workout

Before the dawn of video games and mobile phones, parents worried about their children being home by the time the streetlights came on. Now parents are worried about their children’s body mass index as obesity has become common among children.


Physical activity will not only help today’s children by preventing them from becoming obese or helping them to lose weight if necessary, it will also teach them healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Most children need at least an hour of physical activity every day. Regular exercise helps children to:

  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Feel more ready to learn in school
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Build and keep healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • Sleep better at night


As kids spend more time watching TV, they spend less time running and playing. Parents can set a good example by being active themselves. Exercising together can be fun for everyone. Walking or biking to school, dancing, bowling and yoga are some exercises you may try. EHC brings you these videos of exercises your kids can do and urges parents to actively participate in those exercises. Wish you a healthy family.



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