What Men Notice in Women & Vice Versa

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The myth is about to crash! If new research is to be believed, the stereotypical man with only one thing on his mind is no longer true.

A study asked 1000 men what they noticed first in a woman they had just met or one they passed in the street, and the results are serving as an eye opener in men psyche. Let us look further into what men notice first in women.


The first thing men notice about women is their eyes (and research suggests it’s the first thing women notice in men, too). Eyes usually tell us a lot about a person so we are not surprised that eyes are what draws us to the opposite sex.


It is hardly surprising, given the topic. When you first meet someone, or even if you pass them on the street, a discreet but genuine smile indicates interest, so men look for a woman’s smile to show if they have any chance of more intimate moments.


Many of us might have assumed that men notice boobs first and everything else not at all. In fact, men do notice them, but only after eyes and smiles. Breasts are signals of youth and fertility, so it is not their fault, they have to notice them – it’s their biological hard wiring.


All those hours in the hairdresser are not in vain, it seems. Men notice hair right after boobs, and again, evolutionary factors probably come into play. Sleek, shiny hair is another sign of health and youth.


It is no longer a secret that men like long legs. But women like long legs too. Research involving more than 200 men and women revealed that people whose legs are 5 per cent longer than average are considered the most attractive, regardless of their gender.

Dress Sense

This finding chimes with another recent study which found that men prefer classier dressers to women who flash too much flesh.


Some men might have thought that bums would come first in the list, but they are not. A shapely bum – rounded and firm – is a sign of fertility, so it is not their fault!


Survey has found that men quickly take in the condition of a woman’s skin. Again, that probably has something to do with evolution. A good complexion is a sign of health, and healthy women are most likely to produce healthy offspring.

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What Women Notice in Men

A lot of what women notice in the first few minutes is appearance-based. A substantial portion of the features of a man are apparent, in terms of height, weight, and overall physical attractiveness. And when appearances don’t make the cut, the door slams shut. Nevertheless, let us go through the list of things to keep that door open.

Physical Stature

Height and weight are right on top of the list of things women notice. Too much or too little of either immediately classifies the man as unattractive to women, and closes the door before less physically obviously features (such as confidence) can be determined. The acceptable range here is influenced by the woman’s own height and weight.


Once women are done assessing your overall build, women will look at your smile. The ability to smile, particularly within the first few minutes of meeting, sends a welcoming, non-hostile signal to women. There is one proviso though – the smile must show off reasonably good-looking teeth. It is never too late to fix an appointment with the dentist!


Women like men who have the ability to laugh. Even better, make the woman laugh. That instantly gets you the attention you crave for.


Women find confident men attractive. Within the first few minutes of meeting, women will not only assess your level of confidence, they will also interpret the vibes you give out and how you think. Just remember that cockiness and arrogance are not the same as confidence!


Men have successfully given womankind the impression of being strong and silent. So women are not expecting you to have mad talking skills. All you’ve got to do hold her attention. Women are looking for someone to keep up the conversation – so forget the one-liners, just be yourself.

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