Creative Ways of Love-making on the Table

love on table

It is more than an act of pleasure; it is the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it is almost breathtaking. It is one of the greatest and most fun activities on this earth, but sometimes it can get a bit bland


Many a times you get stuck in a rut. It becomes a routine and boring. As an act of pleasure, free of guilt, shame and abuse, it clears the feelings, thoughts and sensations of both and to enjoy it, it needs change – change in place, change in music, change in position. Have you thought of doing it in kitchen? On a table? EHC brings you some steamy positions you can do on a table to spice up your life and make it amazing.


Position No : 1

Have her lie down on her back on the table with her butt hanging slightly off the edge. Put her legs over your shoulders and hold on tight. She loves it because you have perfect thrusting capability, which means deeper and harder. He loves it because he gets to watch every single second of the show.

Position No : 2

This is fulfilling for her. She lays down on her back on the table and crosses her legs over your shoulders. It means her right leg on your right shoulder and left on left. This way she will be tighter on you when you thrust, plus she will feel every move on her main point.

Position No : 3

This is a classic one. She sits on table and wraps her legs around him. This obviously works best on a table that is about waist height on him. Once she wraps her legs tightly around you, put your hands on her lower back and pull her toward you with every thrust.Now you can try changing things up and put her on top. He sits or lies on table and she sits on his lap. He wraps his arms around her tightly and lets her take the lead. Just make sure you pull her in close with each one of her pelvic thrusts. This will help you go deeper inside.

Position No : 4

Have her sit down on the edge of a table. She puts her arms around his neck and then her legs on his shoulders. He holds onto her as she leans back. And it’s time to work your thrust.


doing it in table

Position No : 5

She stands at table and lays top half of her body on table. Standing behind her, he picks up her legs and wraps them around his waist like a wheel. Then start the play.

So, dear readers, do not push away the joys of change and experimenting. Let the fear give way to the experience of ecstasy on the table!


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