Relationship Busters You Should Avoid

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A strong healthy relationship can be one of the best supports in your life. Good relationships improve all aspects of your life, strengthening your health, your mind, and your connections with others.

But relationships are not always happy and smooth. Every relationship has troubles, but many of these problems are caused because of certain myths, and these can cause misunderstandings among partners and ruin relationships. They increase fruitless expectations breaking down the confidence of people. EHC unearths some relationship busters that can ruin the love between couples and these are to be avoided.

True love can happen only once

Today’s generation has fallen in and out of love several times. Therefore, it is stupid to think that you can fall in true love only once. You must forget your past who you considered true love and move on. You can have the ‘true love’ experience only when you move on in life and love somebody else truly.

Children can make relationships better

If you are living an unbalanced relationship, it is actually stupid to think of a child. A child can get affected mentally if the parents are not mentally and emotionally well. Children do not increase the love between couples. Talking out things and discussing problems are a better way to keep your relationship from ending.

Jealousy is a sign of love

People who love each other do not necessarily get jealous or insecure. Jealousy and insecurity can cause suffocation and irritation to your partner. Only love and care cannot treat jealousy. Jealousy can rise because of mental conflicts and insecurities.

To have a good relationship, your partner must change

This is one of the most convenient love myths that people believe in to keep their ego from getting hurt. Both people in a relationship should balance a relationship and keep it good. Expecting only one of them to change for keeping the relationship smooth is not right.

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Couples in love can understand each other’s feelings and needs

How can you expect your partner to read your mind? Partners do get to know each other closely, but that does not mean that they know every possible need and wants. You need to speak up and clear the air between each other rather than expecting your partner to understand the silence.

Relationships are hard work

When you believe that relationships are hard work, then your love life becomes about as much fun as cleaning the toilets and mopping floors. When you are in a relationship with your beloved, being together shouldn’t be a chore.

Love means never having to say you are sorry

Quite the opposite – love means that when you mess up, you apologize. Your partner will see the best of you and the worst of you. They will see you when you are angry, tired, hungry, and sleep deprived. If you are cranky, or worse, nasty, even when it feels like you have a good reason, then say that you are sorry. You can teach your partner how to apologize by your example.

Neither of us could ever have an affair

You may think that each of you is devoted, moral, and loyal. And yes, you probably both have the best of intentions. However, we all have needs for emotional and physical intimacy. Therefore, if you start to neglect your relationship or develop parallel lives, it is likely that one or the other of you could start looking for intimacy, even unintentionally, outside the marriage.

Once we get married, then everything will be perfect

If you are dating or living together, sometimes there is the fantasy that everything will be better if you just get a ring and a legal document of commitment. Then, you think you will feel safe, happy, and settled. Unfortunately, relationships don’t work that way. Marriage brings its own array of stresses (financial, legal, etc.). It is not a magic pill to fix or improve a relationship. If you can’t be happy together before marriage, it’s unlikely that a ceremony is going to cure what ails you.

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My partner knows that I love him, so I don’t need to say it

Wrong again. We all need to hear this in multiple ways, over and over again. So tell your partner with words, with love notes, with gifts, with thoughtful gestures, with texts, with phone messages, with hugs, and with healthy relationship habits every day. We are wired to attach to people and we need to know every day that we matter, that we are appreciated, and that someone has chosen us to be their special one. Don’t assume that your partner is feeling this, show them again and again.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

The idea that time apart is great for relationships and missing each other can only bring you closer is great in theory, but be careful how you view the word “absence.” Missing your significant other can work wonders, but a woman’s definition of absence is a lot shorter than most men’s, so you will have to tread lightly to make sure you don’t veer off into abandonment.

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