Obesity: The major reason for cause is Sugar and Carbohydrates, not lack of Exercise – A new study

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Obesity is a major concern world over, especially for that 1/3rd of Americans in line to be the next victims of stroke, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and to top it all cancer.


The belief that physical inactivity or lack of exercise is the main reason for obesity was completely upturned by a recent publication in BMJ (British Medical Journal).  It states that intake of carbohydrates and sugars are the real culprits behind obesity upsurge and not lack of exercise or physical inactivity as is believed.


According to the study, there is no complete rule out on exercise or physical activity.  Exercise and physical activity are a built-in part of your life to keep yourself fit and healthy.  What the study says is that even with the best of exercises combined with a daily dose of physical activity, it is difficult to combat the caloric output of a bad diet that comprises of excess sugar and carbohydrates. 

A much better way to tackle obesity is to consume less carbs and sugar, and this is also a strategic way to keep lifestyle disease like diabetes away.  The study also warns athletes who load carbs prior to an intense workout, those particularly with insulin-resistance, not to do it.


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Hunger is a physiological need for energy or calorie by the body, but excess intake of carbs and sugar induces unnecessary hunger pangs giving way to overeating and finally obesity.  Intake of sugars in the form of sweetened beverages, pastries, pasta (white flour) will sky rocket your blood sugar level and plummet very fast, leaving you craving for more sugar; the vicious cycle will continue. 

According to the study, these sugar spikes and lows are the major cause for obesity other than the lack of physical exercise or inactivity.  Go for carbohydrates with complex sugars like apple, oatmeal, quinoa, almonds, etc.

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Studies have proved that ghrelin, the hunger hormone, is activated just by looking at the pictures of all those cheesy, fatty, sugary, and carb-ridden delicious foods laid out in all its grandeur in TV commercials or in photos shared by our friends in facebook.  Best way is to look the other way, if you value your health.

The next time you indulge in those sugary and carbs-ridden junk foods think twice, as hitting the gym alone will not help you.  The truth is very simple; avoid junk foods and sweetened beverages to keep away from obesity and lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases.

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