Hidden Meanings of Face Moles

the face moles

Mole : 14

You have a major and uncontrollable weakness for food. You can seldom do anything about it but to succumb helplessly. Pay heed to this weakness before it ruins your life and you become prone to food-related allergies.


For women, this mole says that you are flirtatious to almost careless extents. Your handling of money is clumsy and you are lost most of the time.

Men with this mole are likely to travel out of their countries very frequently and earn handsomely through these trips.

Mole : 15

Rejoice if you are a man as you are blessed to have this mole. Success and glory will kiss your feet at every stop.

Ladies, you have reasons to rejoice too. Even though you will have tussles with your kids at regular intervals, your creativity, keen eye for detail and nomadic, adventurous streak will see you through the day. You will travel far and wide for staying in one place is not your bag. Stagnation stifles you. You will do up your abode in varying styles frequently and your quest for the novel and unknown will give you experiences that others will give an eye and limb for.


Mole : 16

You are a natural orator and your gift of the gab is widely coveted. However, your vulnerability towards eating will cause you heartache continuously. Your weight and health issues will increase in leaps and bounds if you do not check yourself immediately. Your sex life woes will be another cause of worry for you. You are a romantic through and through and you are basically passionately in love with the concept of love. You tend to become amorous with multiple people at the same time as it is not necessary that one will fit the bill at any given point in time. However, you are innately someone who needs to morally validate everything and that is why conscience pangs and depression take over sometimes.


fase moles

Mole : 17

You are a born star in your circles and socializing is your scene. You talk like a maverick and your success gives you a deep-seated satisfaction. However, it is this satisfaction that sometimes manifests as pride in your behavior and that can affect your reputation as a charming and sociable person. Keep this in check as ultimately this is what will come back and bite you. You tend to imbibe your self-worth from the applaud of others. Men specially should keep their airs in check and not go about spilling their temper on everyone.

For women, the advice is simple. Choose a life partner very, very vigilantly. It might just result in a disaster otherwise.

Mole : 18

This is the mole of contradiction, in a way. It is said that people with this particular mole are fated to travel a lot. And yet, it is this mole that causes them some trouble during their sojourns abroad for it prefers the homeland.

Men with such a mole are also alcohol addicts and tend to squander away their wealth foolishly.

Women are petty, vain and utter spendthrifts.

Mole : 19

Lady Luck smiling on you, wealth as you want it, and grand friends – all these are yours when and where you want it. Smile. In fact, laugh and dance. However, my dear sucker for charm, tune down the madness when it comes to the opposite sex. Quicksand awaits you in that scene otherwise.

Mole : 20

This is the mole of choice in the truest sense of the term. It is like Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat. You are destined to be famous/notorious. The choice is up to you as to which path you are going to take. You will reach the top in either situations. You seldom forgive and never forget. You embrace the good and the evil with equal zest, depending on the situation you are in. You are supremely intelligent. How you wish to utilize that intelligence decides whether you become Mahatma Gandhi or Hitler. Fame or opprobrium naturally follow accordingly.

Mole : 21

You are a lucky guy with a taste for the good things in life. Literally. You love to binge and are a connoisseur of liquor. Music, women, food, drinks – all the fine things that life has to offer are yours to admire and enjoy. The Eating God Mole bestows good fortune on you.

Mole : 22

Sports – that is what you should pursue because not only are you passionate about it, you have a natural flair for it as well. Otherwise, pursue a position of authority with zest. You are a born leader and manager. Life will by large be smooth for you.

Mole : 23

You are a survivor. Any day, any way! You are a protector of your family and friends and, therefore, will have their support and love throughout your long and productive life. Your intelligence and alertness will get you though the toughest tests in life and that too with élan.

Mole : 24

Save for the rainy day and your rainy day will arrive with advancing age. Thankfully, you will earn handsomely when young. Saving is the only thing you should do judiciously and religiously.

Mole : 25

The Busybody Mole is the sign of curiosity, bordering precariously on nosiness. Control yourself and mind your limits. This will bring you everything an individual desires, including a long, healthful life.

Mole : 26

The guardians of your palace of wealth (located at the tip of your nose), the Save Wealth Mole will not only bring in more money into your life, it will also help you keep it. It does the exact opposite of what  the Lose Wealth mole does to a person.


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