Hidden Meanings of Face Moles

the face moles

Mole : 6

A mole in this position is usually called a Grass-covered Pearl.


A very sharp, creative mind – that is exactly what this mole is indicative of. This mole which is usually well hidden in the eyebrows suggests an enshrouded talent, an artistic bent of mind and a massive capacity to harness success and glory with back-breaking hard work and persistence. There must be a strong will to do things differently and when this will is channelized in the proper way, the pearl from the belly of the ocean shall emerge.

Mole : 7

Moles in this area generally signify a good amount of familial tiffs with relatives. If you do have a mole at this spot, please make sure that you settle any simmering conflicts as soon as practicable for it will end up causing you a great amount of heartache and professional disturbance otherwise. For a man, this mole has no other significance.

For the ladies though, this mole translates to lavish showering of gifts and fortune from members of the opposite sex. Her love for luxury will be matched by the gifts her admirers shower on her even more, if she has a slightly bulbous mole. However, if she has a very dark mole, she will have to battle some hurdles in the course of her life.


Mole : 8

The Ill Health Mole is right where the health palace is situated and thus, it usually has a profoundly negative effect on a person’s wellness. A person with this mole right on top of the nose bridge will always be flanked with a not so strong immunity and illnesses that will trouble for life.

A mole in this position will also indicate a constant drain of finances and mostly because of the mole-bearer’s own ill habits and poor money management skills. A person with a mole on the nose bridge will generally have a predilection for gambling. This will harm the person more if he does not know how and where to draw the line.

This mole basically spells just bad luck in every aspect. One more reason why I am saying so is that people with a mole in this area are known to be world class flirts. In fact, you could they invented the art of charming others off the floor. Forget flirting with people from the opposite sex, they even try this art out on people from their own sex! Keep in mind that if you have a mole in this position and you do not control your advances on people, you will end up in a tumbler full of soup! I kid you not.


face moles

Mole : 9

“Double, double, toil and trouble.

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Double, double, toil and trouble.

Something wicked this way comes!” ~ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Perfect lines for you, oh bearer of the Lose Wealth Mole! Do yourself and the world a favor by getting this dot removed. The mole will become a mountain of sufferings otherwise. Let us see what it spells for a man. This man will invariably detest his extended family, harbor ill-feelings and distrust for his spouse (especially if the mole is jet black), and he will most definitely owe money to a litany of women. Oh and yes, he will also have problems related to sexuality in his life.

And since this mole is called the lose wealth mole, it affects the finance scenario in either way – constricted inflow OR unregulated outflow of wealth. So, money will either not stay with you for sustained periods of time, or you will not earn enough at any given point in time.

Mole : 10

This mole is called the Descendants Luck Mole and it generally means that the person with such a mole will have a number of children and subsequently, a number of grandkids. Their familial ties will be strong and their friends will always be by them. This will eventually translate to optimal emotion and material satiation.

However, this also means that men might have issues with the women in their lives and women have a high likeliness of having unresolved problems with their spouses.

Mole : 11

This mole basically is significative of an enhanced susceptibility to various illnesses and more so if it is a dark wart. Women should opt for removing it and quickly because it also indicates marital upheavals, insensitivity towards the spouse and an arrogance that will ruin all.

Mole : 12

Riches, fame, success – basically the good life. The range between the ups and downs in your life will never be very great. A peaceful and happy life is basically what you shall have throughout.

Mole : 13

Patience. That is the only thing that can help you with the predicament that comes along with the Crying Mole. People with this mole are easily moved and they tend to think a lot, no matter how trivial the issue actually is. They tend to carry around their emotional baggage throughout their lives and the baggage is usually a result of their issues with their offspring.


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