Dance aerobics: A complete workout for you

aerobic workout video

One Two Three. Shake your body. Four Five Six. Make your move.

Dance aerobics is one of the best workouts to tone the entire body and burn maximum calories. The aerobic sessions will make you move rhythmically and stretch your whole body. When you dance, you bring forth a lot of positive energy and positive emotions and these aerobic lessons not only charge you up but also inspire confidence in you.


The music chosen for the sessions are usually popular numbers which make you cheerful and happy. You will really want to dance once you listen to the music and it constantly changes. Usually a class combines all sorts of different tunes: Latin dance tunes, Jazz, and elements of both modern and oriental music.

It is difficult to find a more effective means of losing your weight! Apart from learning to dance and finding your body rhythm, you will burn about 10 calories per kilogram of body weight per hour, that is, 650 calories per session with a weight of 65 kg. You will literally dance away to a chiseled body shape brimming with health and happiness.


For a first timer, the movements may seem a little complicated, but in a couple of weeks you will remember all the steps and will automatically dance to the tunes! You will see your motivation growing day by day as you lose weight and gain a toned body as your dance aerobics progresses. Ideally, you may practice it 30 minutes a day (the video is 30-minute long), 2-3 times a week. Practice regularly and eat well. You will notice the desirable changes in no time.

So, play the video and let’s start dancing as Deanne Berry puts the dance aerobics class through its paces.



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