Coconut Water – The Indomitable Health Drink

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There has been a lot of buzz about coconut water lately. For more than 4000 years, coconut water has been revered as a natural source of nutrition, wellness, and beauty.


In times of famine and war, coconut water has been used as an intravenous fluid and saved many lives. It is the only natural substance that can be safely injected into the human blood stream. Let’s take a closer look at this natural energy drink.

Coconut water is the fluid that is found in the cavity of the coconut when you crack it open. It contains no fat and is very low in calories, about 50 calories for one cup, most of them from natural sugars. In addition to water and sugar, coconut water also contains some minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Here EHC tries to list out many of the amazing benefits of coconut water.

Regulates blood pressure

According to research, coconut water helps improve blood circulation, lowers high blood pressure levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues. It is also said to control your blood sugar levels.


Increases immunity

Rich in nutrients and vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and pyridoxine, and folates, coconut water has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that can help increase your body’s immune system and fight viral infections like flu.

For pregnant women

Doctors often recommend coconut water during pregnancy as it helps fight constipation, heart burn, and slow digestion.

Improves kidney function

Due to its minerals, potassium, and magnesium content, coconut water is beneficial to a person suffering from any kidney disease. This water also acts as a diuretic and increases the flow and production of urine.

Skin health

If you have acne or pimple problems or want to retain its youthfulness, apply coconut water on your face and leave it overnight. Due to its repairing properties, it can even be applied to hands and nails.

Weight-loss agent

The fat content in coconut water is extremely low, so generous quantities can be consumed without the fear of immediately packing on the pounds. It also suppresses the appetite and makes you feel full because of its rich nature.

Hangover remedy

Next time you overdo it and drink more than your belly can handle, consume coconut water to settle your stomach. It will also replace those essential electrolytes that exit the body if you experience bouts of frequent urination and vomiting.

Boosts hydration

The ingredients in coconut water are way more effective at hydrating the human body than those of sports and energy drinks. During rigorous exercise or extended periods of physical activity, the human body loses mineral-rich fluids. However, coconut water serves as an excellent replacement medium with 294 mg of potassium and 5 mg of natural sugar per glass, unlike your favorite sports drink that only contains half of the potassium content and five times the amount of processed sugar. In addition, the sodium count is only 25 mg, which is relatively low compared to the 41 and 20 mg found in sports drinks and energy drinks respectively.


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How Much Should You Consume?

Coconut water can be enjoyed as a stand-alone beverage or combined with another liquid product. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the amount that should be consumed on a daily basis, but you may consider maintaining an active lifestyle if consuming large amounts of coconut water since each eight ounce serving is accompanied by 45 to 60 calories.

When searching for the perfect fresh coconut to enjoy, be sure to steer clear of those that have a hard brown shell as this is an indication that it is mature. Instead, look for those that are young and green on the exterior as they usually contain a large supply of the actual coconut water substance. To test it out, simply shake the coconut up and down to gauge how much liquid it contains.

Is it Good for Diabetics?

Coconut water is sterile and thus safe to drink. It is important to note that one needs to consume the water of green coconut, and not the milky thick substance, which is known as the pulp. The whitish pulp of the coconut is high in sugar and fat. Therefore, it is not suitable for the diabetic patients. Conversely, green coconut water is completely safe and a mine of variable nutrients such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, manganese, iron and copper in addition to the fundamental amino acids. Coconut water contains essential fatty acids, but is not fatty in nature.

Diabetic patients often suffer from an impoverished blood circulation. Due to this problem, they often experience discomfort like numbness in the feet, blurred vision and kidney failure. Intake of coconut water improves such a condition quite efficiently. Coconut water directly improves blood circulation and aids to widen the vessels for smooth blood circulation. Therefore, coconut water provides great relief against fighting the symptoms and side effects of diabetes.

Coconut water is excellent for diabetic patients as it contains certain nutritional properties that help in maintaining the blood sugar levels. It is high in fiber and belongs to the alkaline pH food group that helps to cope up with acid-producing factors within the body.

Coconut water is safe to have for all and especially the diabetic patients mainly because it contains low amounts of natural sugar. However, too much of anything can bring some adverse effects to human health. Therefore, one should not exceed the limit of drinking coconut water every day, no matter how much fond of it one may be. An ideal recommendation is 8 ounces twice a day. It is always suggested to drink coconut water in its natural form without adding any external ingredients.


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