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We tend to keep and use certain materials, foods, other substances which serve as home remedies. You can treat or cure a surprising number of minor ailments with these household objects and foods.


Among them, there are curious and surprising materials we may or may not know but can serve as excellent home remedies. EHC brings out such crazy and easy home remedies that will amaze you.

Pencil for Headaches

When you are stressed or anxious, you subconsciously clench your jaw and teeth; this strains the muscle that connects your jaw to your temples and can trigger a tension headache. A solution is to put a pencil between your teeth but do not bite. You automatically relax your jaw muscle to do this, which can prevent the pain.


Yogurt for Bad Breath

Research shows that the live bacteria in yogurt can suppress levels of bad-breath-causing bacteria. “Good” bugs in yogurt may crowd out the “bad” stink-causing bacteria or create an unhealthy environment for it.

Listerine for Blisters

The classic breath freshener and powerful antiseptic can also do a number on blisters. Moisten a cotton ball with Listerine and dab it on your blister three times a day until the area dries out and no longer hurts.

Lemon Balm Tea for Cold Sores

Lemon balm is a first-choice herbal treatment for cold sores, which are caused by a type of herpes virus (not the same kind that’s sexually transmitted). It has antiviral properties that work to tame herpes outbreaks. Prepare lemon balm tea by brewing 2 to 4 tablespoons of the herb per cup of boiling water. Let it cool, then dot with a cotton ball on the cold sore several times a day.

Licorice (eratti madhura) for Calluses and Corns

Licorice contains estrogen-like substances that soften the hard skin of calluses and corns. Make this homemade licorice paste: Grind up a few licorice sticks, mix them with 1/2 teaspoon of petroleum jelly, and rub the mixture into the rough areas of your feet.

Tennis Ball for Achy Feet

For an easy, free mini massage that stretches and soothes your arches, slip off your shoes and roll each foot over a tennis ball, golf ball or soup can for a minute or two. To cool throbbing feet, roll them over a bottle of frozen water.

Olive Oil for Eczema

You can soothe flare-ups by applying olive oil directly to the irritated area. Packed with antioxidants that can reduce the inflammation associated with eczema, olive oil is the basis for many moisturizers; when used alone, it lacks chemical irritants you may find in store-bought creams. Also olive oil’s antioxidants help prevent and repair damage that can lead to wrinkles and brown spots. Rub 1 teaspoon per square inch of skin, which creates a seal that prevents skin from drying out. For serious cases, cover oil-slathered skin with plastic wrap overnight to lock moisture in.

Vodka for Foot Odor

If your feet smell less than swell, wipe them down with a vodka-soaked washcloth to get rid of the stench. It’s the same principle as rubbing alcohol (which works equally well if you’d rather drink your Grey Goose). Vodka contains alcohol, which is antiseptic and drying, so it destroys odor-causing fungus and bacteria and dries out the moisture that lets these organisms grow.

Sugar for Hiccups

A teaspoon of sugar swallowed dry can stop hiccups in minutes. Sugar is believed to modify the nerve muscles that would otherwise tell the muscles in the diaphragm to contract spasmodically and contribute to hiccups.

Vegetable Oil for Brittle Nails

In addition to using hand lotion regularly, try this nighttime treatment. Before you go to bed, apply vegetable oil to your hands, then put on vinyl gloves or wrap your hands in plastic wrap to keep the oil off your bedding. The hand coverings force the oil to penetrate your skin, preventing your hands and nails from getting too dry.


ice cream eating girl

Ice Cream for Pizza Burn

The tissue on the roof of your mouth is only a few millimeters thick, so it’s very sensitive to hot foods. If you didn’t wait to let that pepperoni slice cool down, soothe your scorched mouth with a spoonful of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Swigging a cold drink or putting an ice cube in your mouth should also do the trick, but be sure to remove the cube quickly before it becomes painful.

Apple for Whiter Teeth

Crunchy fruits and vegetables act as little toothbrushes when you chew them; they have a natural cleansing action that works on tooth enamel to remove stains. In particular, apples have a gentle malic acid that also helps dissolve stains.

Baking Soda for Urinary Tract Infections

At the first sign of symptoms, drink a solution made with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda mixed in 8 ounces of water. Continue this once a day until you can get a culture done at a doctor’s office and start antibiotics. Baking soda makes the bladder environment more alkaline, which reduces bacteria’s ability to multiply.

Cloves for Cuts

Sprinkle powdered cloves on a cut to keep it from becoming infected. Clove oil is rich in eugenol, a chemical that is both antiseptic and pain-killing.

Papaya for Smoother Skin

This tropical fruit contains papain, a protein-eating enzyme that dissolves the dead cells on your skin’s surface that can make it look dull and rough and leave it prone to breakouts. When used twice a month, this peel leaves skin softer, smoother, and more radiant. Grind 2 tablespoons of washed and peeled papaya in a food processor and add 1 tablespoon of dry oatmeal. Pat this mixture onto clean skin and let it set for 10 minutes before wiping off with a wet washcloth. The enzymes in papaya are gentle, which is why this is an ideal treatment for those with sensitive skin.

Duct Tape for Warts

Covering warts with duct tape eliminates them better than freezing them off. To use duct tape safely, clean the area. Then cut a piece of duct tape to a size slightly bigger than the wart. Apply the duct tape to the site and rub into place. Every three days, remove the tape and file down dead skin with a pumice stone or nail file. Repeat until the wart disappears. Chemicals in the tape suffocate and kill the wart.

Now that you know about these crazy and easy home remedies, you may go ahead and try them out. Be safe and always consult a doctor if in doubt.


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