Belly Button: The Shape Can Tell You a Lot about Your Health

belly button health

Have you ever wondered whether the shape of your navel can reveal just how healthy you are! or you are not? 


It might seem crazy to you, but navel gazing scientists say it can reveal the first signs and symptoms of a disease.  Read on for more information.

1) Bulged-out belly button

Bulged belly button can be normal if it stays that way, but if you notice more bulging, it might be the first sign that you may be suffering from hernia.  Seeking a  doctor’s advice seems the best option.  


Small bulge belly button

2) Small bulge belly button

If you have this shape, you are more susceptible to flu and viruses.

3) Tucked or indrawn belly button

This shape point finger towards digestive problems, constipation could be one.  Most importantly people with this shape belly button have problems with their weight also.

almond belly button

4) Almond-shaped belly button

People with this shaped belly button are prone to migraine attacks, and also problems relating to the muscle and bones.

5) Y-shaped belly button

People love this shape, but navel gazing scientists say that this shape indicates underlying kidney and skin diseases which can be passed on to the children.

Check this video on what will happen if you dont clean yours belly buttons.



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