Yoga For High blood Pressure (HYPERTENSION)


The scientific term for High blood pressure is “hypertension”. The frequency of high pressure in adults has increased tremendously. Previously we could see only very elderly persons suffering from this disease.


But now-a-days, even the middle-aged and the young people are also suffering from this problem. The predominant reason behind this is the excessive amount of stress and pressure that every people are facing today. Apart from that, our eating habits have also changed greatly, and we are mostly depending on fast foods and fatty foods. This is leading to obesity, and obesity is also one of the most important causes of hypertension or high blood pressure


Observed effects of yoga on Hypertension

  • Regular practice of Yoga reduces blood pressure to the tune of 10 to 15 mm / Hg (observed facts, good evidence exists to support this observation)
  • Yoga can reduce weight loss, which in turn reduces blood pressure.
  • Regular Yoga performers are less likely to suffer from Hypertension than their age & sex matched counterparts. This result has been studied and proven.
  • The night? dip? of blood pressure a phenomenon seen in normal people and which can be absent in some hypertensive is usually restored.
  • A casual Shavasana and Omkar chanting each can reduce the B.P. by about 10 – 15 mm / Hg even in an untrained person who may not practice Yoga regularly.


Savasana yoga



The tensions and the hassles in our day-to-day life are on the increasing trend recently due to the present day scenario of competition in almost all the aspects of life. Such tensions can very easily lead many of us towards the serious diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks etc. Under the circumstances, there is no other way but to keep ourselves fit as fiddle using the ancient and proven pranayama techniques. One such pranayama/yoga technique available is the Shavasana or corpse pause as known in English. This exercise is the basic and most effective treatment of high blood pressure and the heart related diseases.Many people getting cured from such major diseases using this technique on regular basis within around 3 to 4 months.

This exercise is to be performed with empty stomach and can be done 2/3 times a day.


The procedure for doing this Shavasana is quiet simple. You have to lie down on some carpet on your back with both your hands stretched freely on either side of your body with the open palms facing towards the sky. The legs may also be kept slightly apart, around one and half feet. Close your eyes and start taking slow and deep breaths, driving all the thoughts out of your mind.

Once you are reasonably isolated from the physical world, start concentrating on the thumbs of your both legs. Think that the life is moving out of them and they are now totally inactive. Proceed accordingly with the same thought to your fingers of legs, toes, the bottom leg, knees, thighs, pubic area, and keep on traveling upwards till you reach your head and brain. At this time, lie totally still on the ground, taking very slow and deep breaths.

The breathing should be so slow that the person watching you from near by even cannot see the movement of your chest/abdominal area while you breathe. Try to imagine now that your soul has moved out of your body and it can see your physical body from outside. Such feeling of soul moving out of your body can give you tremendously refreshing feeling, thus relaxing your entire body metabolism.

****The other way to effectively perform this asana is to think of your most pleasant experiences of life, making your soul travel in to those occasions, thereby relaxing and slowing down your body metabolism.

Try to remain in this posture for as much time as you can afford based upon your daily routine. However, try to maintain this posture at least for 10/15 minutes to get substantial benefits.

The same exercise can be performed 2/3 times a day, may be in the early evening, and just prior to sleeping. The severe high blood pressure patients are treated very efficiently with this Shavasana and some selected pranayama technique like anulom-vilom.

The positive noticeable improvements can be seen and felt, just within 45 days of regularly practicing this pranayama. Do not stop your medicines dose abruptly on feeling the improvements but go on reducing the dose as per the advice of your physician, very slowly and gradually. One also can derive many other benefits by doing this exercise regularly. The mind becomes calm and quiet.

The brain gets sharpened, increasing the memory power and the analytical abilities. It may happen that you may also get in to sound sleep while performing this exercise at times. Do not worry on this. Just inform your spouse or somebody to wake you up at a right time in case you get in to the sleep.

Doing this exercise benefits the digestive system, urinary system, and all the organs situated in the abdominal cavity. The most vital aspect is to perform this exercise with your full heart and feelings, thinking all the time that your entire body is getting recharged by doing this simple procedure.

Sukhasana yoga



  1. Sit on the floor with legs stretched in front. Fold your right leg at the knee and place it under the left thigh.
  2. Then bend your left leg and place it under your right thigh. Both the thighs should press the respective heels and, to make it easier, adjust them without forcing the knee, feeling mentally and physically comfortable. Keep your head and the spine erect.
  3. Place your hands on the knees and close your eyes.

Other Benefits

This asana helps to calm the strained and irritable nervous system. It also relieves muscular fatigue of the leg. This pose in the yoga sequences for hypertension helps to slow down metabolism, promotes inner peace and tranquility as well.

Ardhakati Chakrasana yoga

Ardhakati Chakrasana


    1. Stand firmly along with legs together.  Press the heels and feet on the floor.
    2. Slowly stretch and raise the right arm above the head and extend with inhalation
    3. Exhale slowly and move the trunk and right arm towards left side.  the ear will touch the right upper arm.  The left hand should be sided on left leg thigh.
    4. Stay in this position for 15 to 30 seconds with normal breathing.
    5. Inhale, slowly move the trunk and arm in order to come back to the normal position.
    6. Repeat the same be bending on the other side.
    7. Practice this exercise two times on both the sides.


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