Ways to Put Your Lover on Cloud 9 after Love-Making

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Getting intimate can be a lot of fun, but the scare begins the minute the act is over. What is it that you should say to your man to praise him the right way after you have had it?

EHC went ahead and compiled a few things she can tell him after the hot session. Here are some of those things that can help you keep your man smiling after the intimate session.

That was amazing

When the act is over, the first thing that a lot of women ask is, “how was it for you”. This makes a man feel like all the time that he was trying to pleasure you; you had your mind on the act getting over. Instead use positive and strong words and tell him, “That was amazing” and let the passion sound in your voice.

You really can get me so hot

Make him feel that he can make you feel a certain way. The best thing to tell him to get this point across is to say, “You can get me so hot”. When a man knows that he can make you feel a certain way and arouse you sensually it makes them feel really good.

How did you figure out that I want it

Some men feel special and nice when they are told that they have been exceptional performers. So if you tell your man that you had no clue how he did a particular thing to please you then he will think of himself as a perceptive and good lover. That is a huge compliment for any guy.

Let there be silence

We feel that when we want to praise a man after his performance we have to go on talking and rambling on about how good it was and so on and so forth. While the verbal praise has to be done you also need to stay quiet and enjoy his closeness. When you do so, your man will feel that he has satisfied you completely and will be mighty pleased.

Tell him which part you liked

When you want to praise your man you can also tell him which part you liked the best. Make him more aware of your body and touch him while saying these things and he will know that he turns you on.

Make his body feel like a temple

Finally compliment your man’s body and make him feel like Adonis after the session.

You killed me

For men, this is a compliment. Often men are conscious about their organ  sizes and hearing such a compliment after making love is a big achievement for them! Most of the men want to hear such things on bed after making love.

I had fun

Love-making is fun. It is a way to lighten stress and rejuvenate love life. Tell him that you had fun while making love. The best time to tell him is when you two are relaxing after achieving pleasure.

Why not again?

Sometimes a man might be in a mood to make love again but can hesitate to approach you. This is because women easily get tired and are not in a mood to repeat again. Even though women are in mood after having play, they are too tired. So, for a change, encourage your man for a new lovemaking session.

Now it is the man’s turn to praise her. Read along to know how a man can praise a woman and make her really happy to come back to you for more. The following phrases are sure to inspire; just be sure to mix them up once in a while. We don’t want to diminish their potency, nor do we want you to rely too heavily on any particular compliment. And don’t worry; this doesn’t require line memorization or rehearsal. The key is to keep it short, sweet, and sincere.

Compliment her in bed

Compliments just aren’t as commonplace as they used to be. It is really a shame, considering how receptive the average woman is to hearing them. Flattery is a great big plus in the eyes of any female, provided it sounds genuine. And if a man is willing to explore this arena in the bedroom, it can do wonders in his life.

I love your body

Four little words never held so much power. There isn’t a woman on earth who doesn’t worry about her shape, especially when naked. Even a supermodel would appreciate hearing this in the peak of passion. Inhibition is the only thing keeping your good girl from turning into a naughty vixen. Let her know that you love her body, and she will feel much more comfortable letting you explore it.

You are so good

This can get you a lot more of whatever it is she’s doing, and get it with gusto. Women like to hear they are doing a good job, just like men do. And the best way to let her know is by saying so. Tell her she’s pleasing you and she’ll be more inclined to let loose. Boost her sensual confidence and watch how saucy she becomes.

I can’t keep my hands off you

Everyone wants to be found desirable and sensually attractive, and few sentences express that more strongly than this one. It tells her precisely how badly you want her, which will make her feel happy, wanted and less inhibited.

Compliment her body parts

This can get you instant access to whichever part of her body you are referring to. Compliment her breasts and see how happy she is to bare them for you. Conversely, if she’s self-conscious about her breasts, back, private area, etc., her insecurities might place an imaginary fence between your fingertips and her sensiest girlie assets. It is not that she doesn’t want you to touch her; she just doesn’t realize how keen you actually are to do so. Tell her how lovely she is and watch her confidence grow.

While some men are not particularly comfortable dishing out flattery, it is important to note that most women are highly responsive to it. Keep the compliments simple and they won’t sound contrived. It is understandable that some of these may not fit your exact style, but they will go a long way toward making her feel secure and lovable.

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