Ways to Fall Asleep Easier And Get the Best Beauty Sleep Possible

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[sws_yellow_box box_size=”300″]Contents: Ways to get good sleep, Side effects of sleeplessness, Natural remedies for good sleep, Foods that good and bad for sleep, Ayurvedic remedies for sleep.[/sws_yellow_box]A good sleep is essential for your health and well-being. If you are not getting enough sleep, here are some home remedies for a good sleep that should help you. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for the human body.


Poor sleep is nothing to yawn at—it takes a toll on everything from your job performance and happy life to overall health. And in women it’s been associated with feelings of hostility, depression, and anger, as well as higher risks of diabetes and heart disease. Here, real ways to get the zzz’s you need.

There is nothing better to rejuvenate you and re-energize you for the next day than a good sleep. A good sleep relaxes you and soothes your nerves. Good sleep can treat depression, anxiety, hypertension and several other problems. But unfortunately it could be that these problems are the very reasons why you aren’t getting a good sleep. So what should you do? Resort to pills? Well, we all know that most of these pills have side effects. You might get a good sleep but you run the risk of becoming dependent on drugs. Besides, after using them for long, you may also get immune to the drugs. So while serious sleep disorders do need drugs, you can try a few home remedies for a good sleep.


Scariest Side Effects of Sleeplessness 

  1. Psychosis
  2. Obesity
  3. Type 2 Diabetes
  4. suppressed immune system
  5. memory Loss
  6. Loss of Self Control
  7. Decreased Concentration
  8. pain
  9. Dizziness and Nausea
  10. High Blood pressure
  11. Addiction to Alcohol Tobacco etc
  12. Head Ache
  13. Vision problems
  14. Decrease life span
  15. Increased stress



regular exercise

1.Exercise Regularly

Exercise and sleep go hand in hand. You need rest to get the most out of your exercise, and you need exercise to get the most out of your sleep. Your body uses sleep to rest and recover, but if you are too sedentry, it might not have enough to recover from and this could affect your sleep cycle. Getting enough physical exercise may be one of the most important things to getting a better sleep.
So try to work out regularly, or at least walk more, take the stairs, etc. Get your heart rate up because this is what will help you to feel worn out come bed time.
That being said, exercise wears you out, but it also elevates your heart rate and makes you feel awake after you do it, so make sure you stop exercising MAX two hours before bed, preferably more.

2. Try Writing Down All Your Worries and To-Do’s 

Many times people can’t fall asleep because their minds are racing with all their worries and things they have to do the next day. If this is you, try sitting down before bed and just writing down everything that comes to mind. Make a list of your things you need to do, then write out anything you are worried about. In fact, just write about anything and everything that pops up. Don’t censor yourself. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m too excited about something, so it’s not just your worries that need to get out of your head.

You will find that by taking your thoughts and putting them on paper, it’s as if you are “storing” them outside of your brain. They are off your shoulders, and now your brain is primed to catch some Zz’s.

sleeping in dark

3. Keep Your Room As Dark As Possible

Darkness is what signals your body to start producing the sleep hormones, particularly melatonin. Light not only inhibits the production of these, but also stimulates the body to feel awake and alert.
If possible, start dimming the lights in your house as you are coming up to bedtime to start getting your body ready, and keep your room as dark as possible while you sleep. Make sure you have dark blinds or curtains over your windows to block out light from street or the moon, and cover up any LED lights from clocks, or computers. If this is not possible, you can try wearing a sleep mask instead.
If you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, don’t turn on the light if you can help it! Feel your way there and keep yourself as sleepy as possible while you do your business. Turning on a light wakes you up too much and makes it about a thousand times more likely that you won’t be able to get back to sleep afterwards.


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