Underarm Flab Workouts

under arms workout

Regardless of their age or gender, underarm flab is a common problem for people trying to tighten up and get in shape. Women, however, seem most eager to get rid of this wobbly flab that hangs out of their bras and makes them self-conscious in strappy tank tops.


The practical way here is to build the muscles in certain areas to make them appear tighter. To fight arm pit flab, a combination of cardio and diet and strength training to target the muscles of the arms, shoulders and upper body is recommended.

EHC brings you videos on combinations of cardiovascular exercise and strength-training moves and help you tone your muscles. The videos have moves for those who prefer to work out at home without any equipment. So why wait? Go ahead and workout those arms and banish the double waves under your arms.




Image courtesy: bodbot.com

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