Try These 10-Potent Home Remedies to keep Silverfish at bay

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Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) is characterized by its wingless, silvery-blue, and carrot shaped body. 


It is a nuisance at home and has a very destructive feeding habit.  It feeds on anything that has starch or cellulose content, like cardboard, paper, sugar, vegetables, flour, and clothes etc.  It can live and thrive in any environment, it is nocturnal, but it mostly inhabits damp and dark areas.  Here are 10-potent home remedies to keep silverfish at bay.

10-Home remedies to destroy Silverfish

1) Boric Acid

Boric acid kills silverfish and also destroys its eggs.  Sprinkle boric acid in areas infested with silverfish.  Care should be taken not to inhale boric acid, it is toxic to the lungs, and also keep it away from kids as well as pets at home.


2) Diatomaceous Earth

It is powdery in texture and has sharp edges; sprinkle it directly on silverfish or areas where it lives, it kills silverfish and at the same time, it is not harmful to human beings.  Wearing a mask while sprinkling diatomaceous earth can prevent any irritation to the lungs. 

3) Use Cedar Shavings

Cedar tree shavings smells good to human beings but it sends silverfish running out of their homes.  Sprinkle some cedar shavings in and around the areas infested by silverfish, it keeps them away.

woman smelling cinnamon

4) Cinnamon

Like cedar shavings, cinnamon smells pleasant to human beings but the smell repels silverfish.  Sprinkle some cinnamon powder in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or study room and be free of any trouble from silverfish. 

5) Spices

Silverfish dislikes the smell of spices; keep some strong smelling spices in places where silverfish infest, it will not visit that place again in their lifetime. 

6) Citrus fruits or lavender spray

Silverfish is repelled by the strong odor of citrus fruits like lemon or orange as well as the smell of lavender.  Keep few lemon or orange peels or spray some lavender essential oil in places frequented by silverfish, it will keep the area clean off silverfish.

7) Dehumidify

Since Silverfish loves to live in damp and dark places, reducing humidity in your home helps.  Use a dehumidifier or AC to reduce humidity at your home.

Naphthalene Balls

8) Naphthalene balls

Silverfish are attracted by the strong smell of naphthalene balls but it kills them.  Use naphthalene balls to destroy silverfish.

9) Cloves

Cloves smell repels silverfish.  Placing cloves in damp and dark places where silverfish infest will keep them at bay.

10) Table salt

Sprinkle table salt directly on silverfish or places infested by them.  Table salt when eaten by silverfish dehydrates and kills it. 


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