8-Inspiring qualities of Real Men

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Women find real men irresistible.  Ask any woman “what qualities she would like her man to possess?” the answer would be a never ending list. 


It is not possible for men to possess all the qualities that women write down, but there are few characters that differentiate real men from the usual lot. Here are 8 truly inspiring qualities that men of real stuff are made of.

1) Gentleman

A woman would like her man to be kind, polite, thoughtful, and give attention to her needs.  Few attributes of a gentleman are; he pulls out a chair first for his lady before he takes a seat, he opens the door first for her before he gets in, and he helps her with her coat.    Women love to be in the company of such men.


2) Right attitude

Many men believe that woman always fall for a guy irrespective of what his behavior is?  The truth is they don’t.   Women like men who are straightforward, bold, and direct. Their face should show interest and a genuine concern for the lady.  They shouldn’t shrug off questions from a lady with just a nod. 

executive man in discussion

3) Action oriented

Real men are action oriented.  When it comes to taking major decisions in life, real men don’t cling on to other people to get approvals for their decisions, instead they find their own ways to tackle the issues and come out a real winner.  Women like men who take independent decisions.

4) Calm and cool headed

In the worst of hardships, they will be calm and cool headed.  They have the capability to confront situations in a logical way and they don’t get agitated easily.  Real men resist the ideas of personal attacks, either verbally or physically. 

men exercising to stay fit

5) Stays fit

For real men, their body is the temple, they take good care of their bodies.  Even though physical appearance is not everything, they know that looking good certainly enhances a healthy relationship.  Basic grooming etiquette and staying fit remains one of the main agenda for real men.

6) Integrity

Real men don’t just promise; they fulfill it.  They are honest and stick to their words.  Women like men of integrity and they feel safe in the company of such men. 

7) Self-confidence

Real men possess a high degree of self-confidence.    These men say and believe in what they do.  Put any hurdles in their path, they won’t stray off from their decisions.  Their self-confidence is unflinching and supports their goals.

man helping social

8) Society 

Real men care about the society in which they live, but not frightened to say a “spade is a spade.”  Real men do things that they think are right and stick to it come what may.   They are not spineless. 


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