Do You Want to Get Rid of Termites? – Try these Home-made Remedies


Termites are terribly annoying creatures eating into anything and everything that is made of wood like doors, furniture, windows, dining table, or papers and clothes.


You need to eliminate them before they intrude into all corners of your house and cause irreparable damage to the wooden artifacts.  You can seek professional help but it might cost you a bomb.  Choosing home-made remedies are much cheaper and wiser.  Here are 10 home-made remedies to prevent termite attacks and also kill them

Boric acid

A sure-shot killer, boric acid attacks the nervous system of termites.  It numbs them and kills them.  Add boric acid to a cup of water, mix it well, and spray it onto the termite infested areas.  As soon as termites chew into the wood, they are dead.


Cardboard Traps

Cardboard contains cellulose which is a feast for termites.  It can be used as trap.   Place an open and wet cardboard box near the termite-infested area.  Termites naturally get attracted to the cardboard box.   As soon as the cardboard is full of termites, consign it to flames.  If there are more termites, repeat the process again.

Petroleum jelly for termites

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly which contains phenol is an effective remedy against termites.  Paint petroleum jelly on the wooden fixtures you want to protect and leave it for 2 to 3 days.  Termites would never dare to come near the area.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a potent termite killer.  Spraying white vinegar over termite colonies not only kills them but also prevents other termites from visiting the area.

Granulated Salt

You can save your precious wooden artifacts by spreading granulated salt over it.  It kills them instantaneously as well as prevents further attacks by other termites.

Granulated Salt forTermites

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is known for its medicinal value and is nature’s gift to mankind.  But not many people know that Aloe vera is also a potent termite killer.  Crush Aloe vera gel and add it to a cup of water, mix it well, and spray it on the termite colonies.   It will kill them immediately.

Hot and Cold treatment

Termites thrive best in warm and moderate climate.  It cannot survive under extreme cold or hot condition.  A temperature which is extremely hot at 120 degrees and extremely cold at -20 degree will either drive the termites away or kills it.  Place wooden things you want to save under the searing sunlight, termites either abandon the place or gets killed by the intense heat of sunlight.

Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride mixed with water kills termites instantaneously.  Spraying the mixture on the termite-affected area will also drive away the termites.

Clove Oil for Termites.

Clove Oil

Termites will never dare to come near any area that is sprayed with clove oil mixed in water.  Spraying the mixture over termite colonies will kill them or drive them away.  You can also use Vetiver oil instead of Clove oil.

Canola Oil

Add Canola oil to a cup of water and spray the mixture over the termite colonies.  It not kills them but also prevents future attacks by termites.


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