Tips on how to avoid and prevent Rape

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A woman is raped in India every 20 minutes. Rape is an act of violence perpetrated against another person. The topic of rape is not a pleasant one, but it is a subject that women of all ages, races and nationalities should take serious enough to find out about.

In the past, people felt safe and secure behind the locked doors of their own homes. Studies have shown that the female rapes that took place in 2000 happened inside the victim’s own home.

It is hypothesized that rape is homologous to similar behavior in other animals. “Human rape appears not as an aberration but as an alternative gene-promotion strategy that is most likely to be adopted by the ‘losers’ in the competitive, harem-building struggle. If the means of access to legitimate, consenting sex is not available, then a male may be faced with the choice between force or genetic extinction.”

Ways to prevent rape

1. The first reaction, if possible, is to get away from that danger as quick as possible and run away screaming for help.

2. Learn how to defend yourself from an attack. Take a self defense course, martial arts, or boxing. Carry pepper spray. When in public, walk confidently and purposefully. Do not act distracted or uncertain. Do not walk around in public chatting on a phone or texting. If you exercise outdoors, do not wear headphones. Vary your routine.

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3. Areas: Even if it is daytime, late hours or at night, avoid risk areas such as dark places, dimly lighted areas, lonely places, bushy areas, short-cuts and being alone in a room with a man other than your husband, fiancée or brother

4. Alertness: Walk with eyes and ears open, so that you know what is happening around you. Antisocialists can grab you, knock you down, tear your clothes or even use drugs.

5. Mode of dressing: When you are at home, school, place of work or anywhere else, make sure you wear clothes which do not embarrass you, or which attract too much negative attention from men/boys.

6. When a man starts seductive signals, praises and giving you gifts, be careful avoid and say no to all these.

7. Use your cell phone as a safety tool. Make sure it’s fully charged before you go out, and if you find yourself in a sketchy situation

8. Company: It is a good practice especially when it’s late to walk in company of known friends, workmates or schoolmates. Incase antisocialists strike, they can easily raise alarm and get help when you are many.

9. Do not accept money, sweet things and snack foods from people you do not know, watchmen or even male neighbors.

10. Do not accept lifts from people you do not know, these could be cars, bikes or motor bikes.

11. Suspicion: Never trust men completely unless he is your husband or fiancée. Antisocialists can be strangers or people whom you know well; they do not have outward signs.

12. Parental guidance: Try to avoid sending your daughters late at night to the shops, river, to other peoples’ homes’ or anywhere else. Do not leave your daughters no matter how young with male strangers or distant relatives you are not sure of.

13. Practice being careful when going into your house or car because someone could easily push you in and lock the door behind you. Be aware of your surroundings; carry your keys ready in your hand and look around you before opening the door.

14. Keep personal information private. Don’t advertise your info verbally or on the Internet. Also, be very wary of meeting up with anyone whom you meet on the Internet. There is never a good reason to meet up with a person whom you have never met in person, or who talks you into meeting-up when you are hesitant. If you think you must do so, bring someone else, preferably a friend who is older and meet the person in a public place.

15. Walk with confidence. Look up as you walk and stand up straight; pretending as though you have two big panthers on either side of you as you walk may sound silly, but it can help boost confidence. Attackers are more likely to go for those who they think cannot defend themselves.

16. Make eye contact if you are being followed by someone who you think is a potential threat. An attacker may be less likely to strike if they think you will be able to clearly identify them.

17. Be mysterious online. Think twice before leaving status or away messages and when using the check-in feature on Facebook or Foursquare. Posting your whereabouts exposes details that are accessible to everyone, and allows people to track your movements. Think of it like this: If you wouldn’t reveal the info to a stranger, then don’t put it on your profile.

2 thoughts on “Tips on how to avoid and prevent Rape

  1. Are you crazy!!??? Another GUIDE??
    What about women who are raped by their siblings?fathers?… wht bout children who have not “dressed” to embaras themselves???… are you even hearing yourself??? un-empolyment reason for rape?? are you serious???….

    1. My dear friend, EHC cannot change the legal system in India or anywhere.
      And we also took part in the protests against rape in India. Personally tears came down in many situations. Tell us, what should we do for this?

      We came up with this article not just as a guide. We are grateful if this article helps to think atleast one person, and take a decision that he will never rape a women, and will never support anyone who rapes a women. Let every parents teach their sons to respect every women, and to remember his mother and sister when see any other girl.

      We are happy that atleast one person responded in such a way, because this is your frustration and anger against these brutal rapes happening around us. Unemployment is one of the reason. Not the prime reason. Most of the reported rape cases, the accused are unemployed. Lets fight together to bring heavy legal punishments for rape.

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