Self pleasure – beneficial or not?

Self stimulating

Self-stimulation is the sensual stimulation of one’s own genitals, usually to the point of supreme pleasure. The stimulation can be performed using the hands, fingers, everyday objects, or dedicated pleasure toys. Mutual stimulation, which is enjoyment with a partner, can take the form of non-penetrative play.

Studies have found that self-enjoyment is frequent in humans of both sexes and all ages, although there is variation. Various medical and psychological benefits have been attributed to a healthy attitude to play in general and to self-enjoyment in particular, and no causal relationship is known between self-enjoyment and any form of mental or physical disorder. Acts of self-enjoyment have been depicted in art worldwide since prehistory. While there was a period (from the late 18th to the early 20th century) when it was subject to medical censure and social conservatism, it is considered a normal part of healthy life today.

Just about everybody. Self-enjoyment is a very common behavior, even among people who have a life partner. In one national study, 95% of males and 89% of females reported that they have self-enjoyed. Self-stimulation is the first sensual act experienced by most males and females. In young children, self-enjoyment is a normal part of the growing child’s exploration of his or her body. Most people continue to enjoy by self in adulthood, and many do so throughout their lives.

Reason for self-enjoyment

In addition to feeling good, self enjoyment is a good way of relieving the sensual tension that can build up over time, especially for people without partners or whose partners are not willing or available for play. Self enjoyment also is a safe sensual alternative for people who wish to avoid pregnancy and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. It also is necessary when a man must give a semen sample for infertility testing or for sperm donation. When sensual dysfunction is present in an adult, self enjoyment may be prescribed by a play therapist to allow a person to experience an extreme pleasure (often in women) or to delay its arrival (often in men).

Is self-stimulation Normal?

While it once was regarded as a perversion and a sign of a mental problem, self-stimulation now is regarded as a normal, healthy sensual activity that is pleasant, fulfilling, acceptable, and safe. It is a good way to experience sensual pleasure and can be done throughout life.

Self-stimulation is only considered a problem when it inhibits sensual activity with a partner, is done in public, or causes significant distress to the person. It may cause distress if it is done compulsively and/or interferes with daily life and activities.

Is self-stimulation Harmful?

In general, the medical community considers self-enjoyment to be a natural and harmless expression of sensuality for both men and women. It does not cause any physical injury or harm to the body, and can be performed in moderation throughout a person’s lifetime as a part of normal sensual behavior. Some cultures and religions oppose self stimulation or even label it as sinful. This can lead to guilt or shame about the behavior.

Some experts suggest that self-stimulation can actually improve sensual health and relationships. By exploring your own body through self stimulation, you can determine what is erotically pleasing to you and can share this with your partner. Some partners use mutual stimulation to discover techniques for a more satisfying sensual relationship and to add to their mutual intimacy.

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Advantages of self enjoyment:

1. Self-stimulation helps us get to know our bodies and our minds. By self-enjoying, we learn about what turns us on. Mentally, we can tune in to our fantasies to understand the types of things that turn us on during self-enjoyment. While self-enjoyment, do we fantasize about being dominated or being watched? These are clues which help us understand what makes us tick, and in turn, we can begin to understand how to partner. Individuals who are having issues with arousal or extreme pleasue can benefit greatly from self stimulation and self love, getting to know your body techniques

2. Self-enjoyment is healthy: self-stimulation is one of the best ways to stay healthy and has many health benefits. It can cure diseases like insomnia, stress, anxiety, menstrual cramp, depression, and it can even stimulate your immune system. Some researches say it’s also a form of exercise; it can burn a few calories even though it can’t match up to gym workout.

3. Self-stimulation is safe: What’s the only 100% safe form of play? It’s self-pleasure. You don’t need to worry about getting pregnant or getting an STD. Unlike play, self-enjoyment is free of cost. It’s your own body, do whatever you want.

4. Self-enjoyment is natural: self-stimulation is normal, and it’s a natural act. It is a common form of auto dreaming. Forget the myths and misconceptions regarding self-enjoyment. It will never lead to infertility, sensual weakness or loss of interest. Even animals like monkeys, dogs, and cats will do self-enjoyment.

5. Mutual stimulation in partner during play is great. Mutual stimulation takes the focus away from the need to please each other and can help couples recognize the value of self-pleasure and self-care within a relationship. Not to mention, it helps us get to know each other just a little bit better. Knowing what you like and how to please yourself will make you a better lover, but can be a turn on to a partner, as well

6. Self-stimulation improves sensual relationship: You can learn many things from self-stimulation. It can improve your sensual relationships with your partner. Women can explore their own body through self-stimulation; they can determine what is sensually pleasing to them and can share this with their partners

7. Strengthen muscle tone in the pelvic and anal areas, reducing women’s chances of involuntary urine leakage and uterine prolapse

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