Is your head facing the right direction while you sleep?

sleeping head direction

Sleep, as you all know, is necessary for your survival. 


Sleep is the time during which your brain starts to store informations, make decisions, consolidate short and long-term memories, and cleanse your body off toxins.  Hence, you need a restorative sleep to give your body the much needed rest to get yourself prepared to meet the next day challenges.  All said and done, getting a good sleep is not an easy cakewalk.  Vaastu Sasthra highlights that the environment and your sleeping direction plays an important role in determining the quality of your sleep as well as your mental health. 

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Sleeping direction – East

To get a good restorative sleep, it is better to sleep with your head facing the East.  The sun’s magnetic field which enters earth through the east direction also enters your head and exits through your feet, leaving your head cool and calm to catch a good sleep.


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Sleeping direction – West

If you sleep with your head facing the west, your body will experience oppositional magnetic fields which will leave you with a disturbed sleep and you wake up feeling groggy and not rested.

sleeping woman position

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Sleeping Direction – South

In this direction, your body is in sync with the earth’s electromagnetic energy fields which facilitate energy to flow from your head to feet smoothly as there is a mutual attraction of the electromagnetic fields of the earth and your body which results in undisturbed sleep and you wake up in the morning full of energy, fit, and vibrant.

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Sleeping Direction – North

Our body is considered to be a very small magnet with the head and feet as North and South poles. In the same way, the earth is considered as a very large magnet with North and South poles.  When you sleep with your head facing north, as you are aware like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other, your head also repels earth’s electromagnetic force and as earth has greater magnetic force, it wins and you end waking up with a feeling of irritation and grogginess.  It can also give you an elevated blood pressures and headaches.


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