8-Harmful Product Combinations You Should Avoid

don't mix these

There are few combinations of products that you should avoid in order to prevent any damage to your health as well as your family. 


It is highly sensible to avoid it.  Read on for more information.

1) ​Don’t mix ammonia with bleach

If you think mixing ammonia with bleach can give you a much better cleaning agent, then you are wrong.  A mixture of ammonia and bleach can only produce noxious chloramine vapors, which are extremely harmful and can sometimes knock you down unconscious.  There are chances that the mixture can be explosive as well.


2) Don’t mix alcohol and bleach

Mixing alcohol and bleach will allow the sodium hypochlorite in bleach to react with ethanol and produce hydrochloric acid and chloroform.You know how dangerous chloroform is.Be safe with a big NO-NO to this combination.


vinegar bleach

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3) Don’t mix vinegar and bleach

Mixing vinegar and bleach produces toxic chlorine gas which can affect your eyes and lungs.In spite of knowing its health hazards, many people continue doing it.EHC hopes you will not be one among them.

4) Don’t mix vinegar and baking soda

It creates an acid-base reaction.The end product of this reaction is carbon-di-oxide which is harmful but relatively not dangerous unless you mix bulk quantities of vinegar and baking soda.There are chances of explosion as well.

hydrogen peroxide with vinegar

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5) Don’t mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

The active component acetic acid in vinegar reacts with hydrogen peroxide to produce peracetic acid.  Even though not dangerous, long-term exposure to peracetic acid can cause skin and eye irritation, and in worst-case scenario, it can bring about permanent lung damage.

6) Don’t mix batteries of two different brands

Batteries sourced from different brands come with different chemical compositions and voltages.  For example, if you use a lithium battery in combination with an alkaline battery, the outcome may not be good; it can cause battery leakage and damage to your costly electronic device.  Hence, it is more prudent to use the same type of batteries for any electronic devices.

pills and drinks

7) Don’t mix Ibuprofen and alcohol

Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter analgesic, taking it along with alcohol can give you upper gastrointestinal pain with bleeding and also, can damage the intestinal wall lining.

8) Don’t mix antibiotics and dairy

Antibiotics like tetracycline if taken with milk can bring down the efficacy of the medication.  The calcium present in the milk can prevent the gut from absorbing medication by binding itself to the antibiotics.  It is best to wait at least 2 hours after you have taken milk or any other products high in calcium before you have your next dose of antibiotics.

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