How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally – Try these 6 steps

Reverse diabetes

Diabetes has spread its tentacles across the globe such that studies by researchers prove that one in every four American adults and children is prone to this lifestyle disease. 


Unfortunately, diabetes is also known to be the cause for several other diseases like cardiovascular diseases, kidney failures, stroke, dementia, and even cancer.  But the good word is “diabetes is 100% preventable and reversible.” All you need is to make a few changes to your lifestyle and food habits.  Here are 6 ways to prevent and reverse diabetes

Cut Down on Sugar

Foods or drinks with added sugar should be avoided as sugar is calorie-dense.  It spikes insulin level in the blood causing insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes.  High sugar also increases triglycerides and lipid levels which can lead to cardiovascular diseases.  Cut down sugar from your diet or keep it to minimal to stay healthy.


Cut Down on Processed food

There is no doubt that processed food is cheap, convenient, and affordable but at the same time, it is damaging to your health, especially if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic.  Even for healthy individuals, intake of processed food is an unhealthy practice.  It can lead to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.  Processed foods contain loads of fat, sugar, and salt, which are the primary causes for diabetes and other diseases. 


Foods like chicken nuggets, white rice, French fries, soda, chips, and processed meat are full of fat, sugar, and salt.  Try not to include these foods in your shopping list.   Instead, you can go ahead and include a list for non-processed foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, wholegrain breads, raw nuts, seeds, eggs, fish rich in omega-3 fats, legumes, and grains.  Consuming non-processed foods will help balance your blood sugar levels and promote healthy metabolism.

Exercise to Your Daily Life

Include Exercise to Your Daily Life

The first thing that exercise does to your body is increase insulin sensitivity wherein your cells perform at their optimal level by utilizing the available insulin to take up the glucose.  During exercise the muscles contract and stimulate the cells to take up glucose and use it for energy without the help of insulin.  A brisk walk of 45 minutes can do wonders to your blood sugar level.

Get Adequate Sleep

Get Adequate Sleep

There is a relation between lack of sleep and diabetes.  People with diabetes are more prone to wake up during night time.  It is due to the kidneys trying to get rid of the sugar by urinating.  Even for healthy people, sleep-deprivation can lead to pre-diabetic stage and eventually diabetes.  Getting your blood sugar level under control is the first step towards a goodnight’s sleep.  Proper sleep, diet, and exercise play an important role in preventing diabetes.

Avoid stress

Avoid stress

Without doubt, stress has become an integral part of people’s life.  Numerous family, social, and work related issues leads to stress.  And as stress is a precursor to diabetes, both physical and emotional stress can damage your health partly or completely.  Whether you’re diabetic or not, stress increases blood sugar levels kicking stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine into the blood stream unnecessarily.  Frequent presence of these bad hormones in the body can lead to diabetes as well as other diseases. Keeping stress to minimal is the only way out.

Watch your weight

Watch your weight

Being overweight or obese is a major cause for diabetes.  Overweight people are more prone to type-2 diabetes.  In overweight people, the body’s ability to use insulin gets affected or retarded thus spiking blood sugar levels frequently which can lead to type-2 diabetes.  Losing those extra pounds, choosing foods wisely, exercising regularly, and checking blood sugar levels will help prevent diabetes


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