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6-Things a Woman Should Avoid Doing to Her Lady Parts

Her Lady Parts

Lady parts are complex, tough, but yet delicate.  If you take care of it, it will give you the pleasure that you anticipate.  Unclean lady parts invite infections like thrush, STDs, and UTIs. 


Apart from it, at times you might end up doing things to your lady parts that you think might benefit them but in reality, it is harmful.   Here are 8 things that you shouldn’t be doing if want to keep your lady parts happy. 


It’s a big No-No.  Its perfectly alright to clean your vulva and the outer areas with water.  But shooting water straight into your lady parts is like inviting trouble without reason.  It will alter the delicate pH balance and lead to infections.  Don’t spoil your romantic life.


Insert fruits and vegetables

Masturbation is okay. But the idea of inserting fruits or vegetables into your lady parts is a big No-No.  Beware of suggestively-shaped fruits and vegetables which can give you wild ideas.  Even if the fruits and veggies are organic, it’s not free from harmful bacteria.  It can cause bacterial vaginosis.



If you think piercing your lady parts can increase its aesthetic value, then you are wrong.   Not only piercing is painful but also harmful.  Bacteria present down there are normally harmless but can cause infection once it comes in contact with the wound caused by the piercing. 

Dirty Underwear

Dirty Underwear

Not only dirty panties irritate the delicate skin surrounding your lady parts, it is also a good breeding ground for bacteria which causes sores and rashes, foul smell, and yeast infections that results in urinary tract infection (UTIs).   To be on the safer side, change your underwear after each shower.

Avoid Steaming

Avoid Steaming

Many spas have started to endorse steaming lady parts as a hygienic and healthy.  But the reality is it does more harm than good.  The delicate skin around your lady parts can get burnt as well as give way to infections like yeast. 

Avoid soaps

Avoid soaps

Don’t apply too much soap into your lady parts.  Soaps can be harsh on the delicate skin down there.  You can go for natural soaps that has no added perfumes or dyes. 


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