Natural Ways To Lighten Skin On Your Vagina

light vagina

Let us begin by putting it out there that your vagina is not exactly designed to look pretty.


The rough skin, the grisly hair and even the distinct odour is as it should be. They have a purpose. Just as your nose hair prevents allergens and pollens from entering your system, the pubic hair traps bacteria and prevents it from entering your vagina.

Your vagina has both good bacteria and bad bacteria.

The good bacteria maintain the required alkalinity to kill the microbes and maintain a healthy environment down there, which gives it a distinct smell. It is when the distinct smell turns to a pungent odour that you know the bad bacteria count is high! Your skin texture is rough there because of the chafing of the thighs and tight clothing.


Also, the skin tone of your southern region does not necessarily have to match with the rest of your body. Even the palest of women sometimes have dark private parts! In a perfect world, you would be fine with just the way your vagina looks.

However, the perfect world is more of an illusion than reality. And the quest for fairer and smoother southern region is real! Between the chemically choked products and natural remedies, we figured you are better off not taking toxic chemicals anywhere near your super-sensitive vagina.

Dark vaginal color may be due to wearing of polyester or synthetic underwear. Always wear cotton underwear and reserve a few loose ones for the bedtime, so that the skin can breathe easily during the night. Maintain proper hygiene. Cleaning the vagina regularly, changing the underwear daily, changing sanitary napkins or tampons often, and using good quality sanitary pads during periods are some important measures to be taken.



This darkening may also be due to the side effects of using certain medications or lubricating creams. Pregnancy and hyper-pigmentation due to excessive insulin in the body may also cause dark skin at the vagina. Women with type 2 diabetes often have dark vagina.

Dark vagina develops in some women as they approach menopause, which is quite normal. However, there are some common home remedies for the discoloration of the vagina. Please note that you have to be patient while adhering to these natural cures. It is important to regularly apply these remedies at least for two months for significant results.

vagina smooth

Lemon+Turmeric+Rice powder+Yogurt

Rice powder works to slough the skin off dead cells. Lactic acid in yogurt lightens the skin. The acidic nature of lemon acts as natural bleach and also gets rid of odour. Rich antioxidants present in turmeric stimulate blood flow, which in turn improves the skin tone.

Mix 1 tablespoon turmeric, 1 tablespoon rice powder, 1 tablespoon yogurt, and ½ teaspoon lemon juice in a bowl. Whip until you get a creamy, almost liquid consistency. Add in rosewater to get the desired consistency. Apply it on your vagina. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Scrub it in a circular motion. Rinse and pat dry.

light color for vagina

Sandalwood + Orange peel

The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of sandalwood can cleanse the skin of impurities, remove dead skin cells and reveal the clear skin underneath. Orange peel on the other hand is packed with vitamin C which is a natural skin whitening agent. This effective remedy to whiten skin on the vagina will show results in flat 7 days!

You just have to mix 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder, 1 teaspoon of orange peel powder and rose water as required, to make a smooth paste. Wash your private area with plain water. Pat it dry thoroughly. Apply the concoction to the vagina. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

vagina and yogurt


If you are running out of time and need a quick remedy to whiten the skin on your vagina, you need nothing more than one ingredient – yogurt. It not just lightens skin tone, but also cools and soothes irritated skin. Just massage the area with a thin coat of yogurt for 5 minutes every day. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Follow it up by applying lavender oil to get rid of the pungent smell of yogurt. Cleaning the vagina with baking soda or rubbing a piece of lemon is also one of the reliable remedies for dark vagina.

Any of these tricks can be used to make fantasy come down to a reality.


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