How to Plank your way to a sculpted body?

plank exercise

And that too in just 4 minutes a day, 28 days.


Planking exercise is the answer to a well-toned and sculpted body.  Planking burns away more calories, melts belly fat, strengthens your inner and outer core muscles, and also strengthens your arms, legs, and buttocks.  Planking is an amazing exercise that can change your barrel-shaped body to a V-shaped one. 

Before you start the exercise, it is very important to know how to plank?


Get into a push-up position, then bend your elbows to 90 degrees, balance your weight on your forearms and not on your hands, lean on your toes, form a straight line from shoulder to the ankles, try and balance your body in this position for a prescribed period of time, the time frame is defined below. 

plank exercise beauty

A Day 1 to Day 28 step-by-step guide to plank exercise

Day 1:  20 seconds

Day 2:  20 seconds

Day 3:  30 seconds

Day 4: 30 seconds

Day 5: 40 seconds

Day 6:  Rest day

Day 7:  45 seconds

Day 8:  45 seconds

Day 9:  1 minute

Day 10:  1 minute

plank exercise girl

Day 11:  1 minute

Day 12:  1-1/2 minute

Day 13:  Rest

Day 14:   1-1/2 minute

Day 15:   1-1/2 minute

Day 16:  2 minute

Day 17:  2 minute

Day 18:  2-1/2 minute

Day 19:  Rest

Day 20:  2-1/2 minute

Day 21:  2-1/2 minute

Day 22:  3 minutes

Day 23:  3 minutes

Day 24:  3-1/2 minutes

woman talking rest

Day 25:  Rest

Day 26:  3-1/2 minutes

Day 27:  4 minutes

Day 28:  4 minutes or hold on for as long as you can

Planking is a strengthening exercise and once you complete 28 days, you will be amazed with the results.


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