Do heart attacks give out signals 30 days before it attacks?

heart attack symptoms

Our existence is solely defined by how good we take care of our heart.  Keeping our heart healthy is the only way out.  Unhealthy lifestyle and bad dietary habits could lead to heart attack. 


Studies have shown that symptoms of a heart attack shows up at least 30 days before its onset.  Few symptoms of a heart attack are described below:

1) Breathlessness

Severe shortness of breath while at rest could be a sign of heart attack. It is due to lack of oxygen in the lungs.Seeking medical advice is a wise idea.

2) Light headedness and sweating

Severe lightheadedness accompanied by a sudden outbreak of cold sweat can be a symptom of heart attack.It is due to less oxygen in the brain.Immediate doctor’s appointment to rule out a heart attack can save you.


3) Extreme tiredness

Extreme tiredness or fatigue could be pointing fingers to an approaching heart attack.Feeling tired all the time can point fingers to other disease conditions, but it is safe to seek medical advice to rule out a heart attack.


shoulder pain

4) Radiating pain from the chest to the shoulder, back, arm, and neck

Severe chest pain that radiates to the back, shoulder, neck, and arms can be a green signal to an approaching heart attack.Seek doctor’s advice immediately.

5) Swelling

Sudden swelling in the legs or abdomen due to fluid accumulation should not be ignored.It can be a symptom of heart attack.A visit to the doctor’s office is highly recommended.

pulse checking

6) Irregular pulse rate

An occasional irregular pulse rate or a skipped heartbeat is nothing to be worried about, but if the pulse rate varies too often and if it is accompanied with lightheadedness, fatigue, and breathlessness, it is a case to be worried about, it might be a heart attack.A doctor’s help is needed.

7) Panic attack and anxiety

A sudden feeling of severe anxisouness accompanied by thoughts of impending doom can be a symptom of an approaching heart attack.Rushing to the nearest emergency department would be a best option.


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