Home remedies to increase platelet count

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It was a day of depression for you when you consulted a Doctor when you observed a rash of pinpoint-sized reddish-purple spots on your lower legs.


Were you alarmed when he said that you are suffering from Low Platelets count and there is no other alternative but to go for severe medication and hospitalization. The normal level of platelet is 1.5lakhs to 4.5lakhs.

There is no need to be over alarmed. The fall in Platelet count can be increased by a host of  home remedies which have been successfully tried out


You may be well advised to know what symptoms  indicate  Low Platelets Count.: They are

  • Unusually heavy menstrual flows
  • Prolonged bleeding from cuts during surgery or after dental work
  • Spontaneous bleeding from your gums or nose
  • Blood in urine or stools



How is the condition of Low Platelets Count caused?.:

It    may be caused by

  • Excessive platelets trapped in an enlarged spleen  caused by certain disorders.
  • Fall  in bone marrow’s ability  to produce sufficient  platelets  caused by diseases such as leukemia, Viral infection..
  • Shortage of platelets in your bloodstream during pregnancy.
  • Destroying of platelets  by your body’s immune system mistakenly identifying them as a threat
  • Attack on the platelets  by some  diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Using up large numbers of platelets. when small blood clots suddenly form throughout your body
  • Bacteria in the blood.
  • Infection in  raw or undercooked meat eaten.
  • Destruction of platelets by . certain medications like heparin,


fruits and juices

There are a number of home remedies to increase platelet counts. Their main advantage is that they do not produce unwanted side effects.  Vitamin D sometimes is given as a remedy when there is no Vitamin D deficiency. This is harmful. Therefore consult a naturopathic doctor for identifying the root cause of your low platelet count. Before selecting the natural remedy.


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