Getting Rid of Blackheads – Home Remedies for Clear Skin

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I gotta admit, it was a nightmare of my teenage life. They are annoying. I used to press my nose up close to the mirror, and I would shudder at their sight. My face is not clean. I want them banished!


A blackhead, or open comedo, is a wide opening on the skin with a blackened mass of skin debris covering the opening. Despite their name, some blackheads can be yellowish in color. A comedo is a widened hair follicle which is filled with skin debris, bacteria, and oil. A closed comedo is a whitehead, while an open comedo is a blackhead.

Blackheads are said to be the first stage of acne. They form before bacteria invade the pores of our skin. A blackhead can develop into a pimple, which is also known as a papule or pustule.

Blackheads and acne usually develop after puberty, when hormone levels surge and reach the skin. The presence of higher levels of hormones in the skin triggers the stimulation of the sebaceous glands, which produce oily substances. The sebaceous glands produce too much oil in the pores, which accumulates and gets stuck. When the occluded oil is exposed to air it becomes black.


Several conditions and circumstances can cause blackheads, or make them worse, such as the use of topical oils and make up. Blackheads can affect people with any type of skin, but are generally more common in those with oily skin.


The overproduction of oil is the main cause of the emergence of blackheads. This is likely to occur during puberty. Spikes in hormone production can result in the high levels of DHT (di-hydro-testosterone), a hormone which triggers over-activity in the oil glands, resulting in clogged pores.

If the skin is not cleaned properly, more blackheads can appear, especially during puberty. Improperly cleaned skin makes it more likely that dead skin cells build up within the pores. The pore openings can become clogged, which accelerates the buildup of oil inside – thus causing blackheads to form.

In some cases, blackheads can emerge if moisturizers, sun screens, make up, or foundations are overused.

Food does not cause acne, although parents and grandparents commonly tell their teenage offspring not to eat chocolates and greasy foods, because they think they encourage the formation of acne – they do not cause blackheads or make them worse. Some studies have pointed towards a link between some dairy products and acne, but the evidence is not compelling.

Stress does not directly affect blackhead occurrence. However, stress and anxiety can cause people to pick at their blackheads and acne, which may make them worse.


Squeezing blackheads is not the best way to get rid of blackheads as this process of removing blackheads can infect your skin getting it inflamed. Homemade blackhead removers are good for getting rid of blackheads at home. Follow home remedies to remove blackheads and go with the saying prevention is better than cure. Keep your skin clean and clear as excessive oil on face and nose is the main cause of blackheads. You may like to squeeze blackheads on nose and face but keep in mind that pull out process of blackheads can lead to skin damage and scarring.


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Home Remedies

Home remedies are very effective in getting rid of blackheads. One can remove blackheads at home to an extent with the continuous use of homemade blackheads removers.

  • A scrub made up of crushed almonds and besan is a very effective home remedy to get rid of blackheads especially from nose.
  • Warm up a small wash cloth and put it over blackheads on face for 10-15 minutes. The moisture from the warm towel will clear out the pores, getting rid of blackheads.
  • Apply aloe vera juice to the blackheads on face, chin, cheeks and nose. This application has soothing and healing properties.
  • Steam is a natural home remedy, which opens clogged pores, clean dirt out of pores and helps in removing blackheads. Steam your face twice a week, this will rejuvenate your skin and help to get rid of blackheads.
  • You can prevent blackheads by applying egg to your face. Beat one egg white and add one tbsp of honey. Apply this mixture to blackheads on face for 20 to 30 minutes. This is one of the best home remedies for removing blackheads.
  • Crush fenugreek leaves (methi) and make a paste by adding water. Apply this home remedy for blackheads on face to clear blackheads. Do it regularly.
  • A paste of coriander leaves and turmeric powder make a good home remedy to remove blackheads.
  • Put few drops of lemon juice in one spoon of sugar and rub gently on your face, nose and cheeks in circular motion. This will remove blackheads and dead cells, making your skin clear and glowing.
  • Make a paste of oatmeal powder combined with rose water. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes to remove blackheads.
  • Spreading honey on face can be beneficial to clear blackheads. Mix honey with crushed almonds and apply on face.
  • Two tablespoons of yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice is a good homemade blackhead remover.
  • Mix few drops of lemon juice and 5 drops of olive oil and spread it over your blackheads on face. Do it every day to get rid of blackheads.
  • Salt helps to dry out the excessive oil from the skin. Wash the affected area once a day with salty water. It is an easy home remedy to eliminate blackheads.
  • A lotion of honey, lemon juice, a pinch of baking soda; mix them all and apply.
  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the blackheads on nose and face. Gently rub the area with a toothbrush. This will help to dry out the oil and decrease any swelling from the blackheads.
  • Mash a tomato and apply it over your blackheads on face. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse off with water. Follow this home remedy regularly to get rid of blackheads.
  • Vitamin A supplements can help to get rid of blackheads as Vitamin A controls oil production.
  • Clean your face daily with rose water to prevent and get rid of blackheads.
  • Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, which is very effective in removing blackheads.
  • Apply lemon juice to the blackheads on face. Leave it on face overnight. This home remedy helps to remove oil and blackheads from the affected area and help to get a clean skin.


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