Egg Packs for Blackheads

egg blackhead

Basically, a blackhead is a small black or yellowish plug in the skin. This medical condition is termed as open comedo.


Blackheads are a type of acne set apart by its appearance as a dark black spot. This is a recurring skin problem for many. If not treated properly, it can evolve into other skin problems, and even can hurt your self esteem.

What causes blackheads?

It is a popular belief that blackheads are formed as a result of poor hygiene and that they can be gotten rid of by just keeping your skin clean, but this is a misconception because blackheads are formed due to oil production in the skin and even saintly hygiene cannot do much to keep them from occurring.


The human skin contains hundreds or even thousands of tiny openings or pores. These pores can become blocked by several factors, most commonly by foreign particles. Blackheads are generally formed on a partially blocked pore. The pore gets filled with dead skin cells and oil. Since the pore is partially blocked, the contents are still exposed to air. On exposure to the atmosphere, the contents get oxidized and they turn black as a result of oxidation. This is how blackheads are formed.

woman looking blackhead

Here is a super surprise pack which can help you get rid of this menace, and it is done with eggs that we almost always have at home.

Break an egg and separate the yolk and white. Beat the egg white a little till you see small bubbles. Apply the egg white liberally on your face (concentrating more where you have blackheads and open pores). Tear tissue papers and start applying on your face. This is messy! But tear tissue papers according to your face size, like take a piece for the nose, then the chin, forehead and cheeks separately. The tissue papers will stick on your face due to the egg whites. If you feel it has dried, just apply more and then stick the tissue paper.

girl with egg

Apply 2 layers of tissue paper. This will help you to peel it properly later. Now, let it dry for 30 minutes. You will feel tight. Avoid talking and laughing as this will stretch your skin. Once it has dried, peel off and wash your face. Then, apply yolk on the face, let it dry for 15 minutes and wash off! It is done.

An egg face pack can also be prepared for oily skin and blackheads. This pack with egg white helps reduce blackheads and is ideal for oily skin, pimples or acne prone skin. You will need white of an egg, a teaspoonful of cucumber juice, and 1/2 teaspoonful of neem powder.

Make a paste of the egg white, cucumber juice, and neem powder in a small bowl and once it gets mixed, apply it on the clean face. Let it dry. Wash off after some time.

egg white mask

Did you ask why eggs? Here is why:

Egg whites are very high in protein, minerals such as selenium and the B complex vitamins. It helps you fight wrinkles by making your skin firm. It tightens the skin thereby reducing the pore size. It tones your skin perfectly and helps reduce puffy eyes. Yolk is very rich and hence it moisturises your skin well. Egg yolks also tone and tighten the skin. Egg yolks have retinol that helps in fighting acne.

clean face

So the common member of your breakfast menu can now be your guide to beautiful and youthful skin. Go for it and enjoy the glow!!


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