Food for Liver (Regeneration)

food for liver

In many ways you can say that liver is the most significant organ in your body. It is a key player in the digestive system. Everything you eat or drink, including medicine, passes through your liver.


You could easily trash it if you do not take good care of it, and once you trash it, it is gone.

Liver is the second largest organ in your body (skin is the largest). It is one organ in the body that has tremendous regenerative powers. If you are affected by severe liver diseases like cirrhosis or cancer, still all is not lost. Liver regeneration can happen even if ¼ of your organ is left intact. There are some foods for liver regeneration that can speed up the process. Now just because there are foods for liver regeneration, it should not be your excuse to get drunk and ruin your health. Liver regeneration is a critical process and may not work for everyone. That is why, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Our livers work incredibly hard performing over 500 (known) separate duties to help ensure the proper functioning of the overall system. Among that long list of responsibilities, is the liver’s role as one of the primary modes of detoxification in our bodies (The five major elimination organs of the body are liver, skin, colon, kidneys and lungs.) The liver is like a highly intelligent and sophisticated filter – filtering the blood to remove toxins, harmful substances and excess hormones.

Let’s look at the signs of a poorly functioning liver: Tiredness, fatigue, headaches, bad breath, allergies and food intolerance, problem skin and weight gain, anxiety/ depression, impaired libido, abdominal pain, jaundice, darkened urine, etc.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be an indication that your liver can benefit from a little extra support. As we will discuss in the next section, there are foods which can enhance liver regeneration which you may deliberately include in your food plan.

Bitter Gourd – Bitter green vegetables are very beneficial for your liver. One of the best cleansers for your liver is bitter gourd. It cleans the liver cells and also provides protection against liver cancer.

Apple – Apples contain vitamin C and d-glucaric acid that helps to get rid of excess fat deposits from the liver. When fats accumulate in the liver, it slows down liver function.

Kale – It is a green leafy vegetable that contains very high amounts of magnesium and iron. Both these nutrients are elemental in the process of liver regeneration.

Probiotic Yogurt – Any kind of probiotic food is good for your liver. Yogurt is one of the most widely available probiotic foods for liver regeneration. The live bacteria cultures in curd helps to produce the liver enzymes again.

Berries – They are antioxidant rich foods for liver regeneration. You can have an assortment of all kinds of berries to flush out fats from your liver cells.

Arugula – Arugula is a leafy green that is particularly high in chlorophyll content. Now the green pigment chlorophyll is very efficient in cleaning up your liver. So dark green vegetables like arugula are some of the best foods for liver regeneration.

Turmeric – Not only is turmeric an amazing spice that adds wonderful flavors to any traditional Middle-Eastern meal, it is also highly regarded for its medicinal properties. This spice has a huge range of health benefits, including its ability to help detoxify the liver. Turmeric contains a high concentration of curcumin, a potent anti-oxidant that protects the liver from damage.

High-Antioxidant Fruits – Antioxidants help to protect the liver from the high levels of free radicals that are naturally produced during the process of detoxification. All the berries are extremely high in anti-oxidants, so are oranges, prunes, grapefruit, cantaloupe and pears. Apples are also high in anti-oxidants and also contain pectin, known to bind with heavy metals and help their excretion reducing the load on the liver.

Artichoke – Similarly to dandelion, artichoke had the ability to help the liver regenerate. It stimulates and increases bile production, helping remove toxins and unfriendly bacteria through the bowels.

Sulfur Containing Foods – The liver uses sulfur containing compounds to help in detoxification from environmental toxins, prescription medications, poor dietary choices, and alcohol. Sulfur containing foods include two main categories: garlic and onions, and the cruciferous vegetables.

Garlic and Onions – Garlic is a very strong herb and should not be over-used. It is highly medicinal and should be used in moderation for specific purposes. Garlic helps the liver with detoxification because of a sulfur-based compound called allicin. It is also thought that garlic can help the liver detoxify mercury from the body, as well as excess estrogen.

Lemon Water – One of the easiest and cheapest ways to help support your liver immediately is to start your day with a tall glass of lemon water at room temperature. This will help stimulate your liver first thing in the morning, helping to cleanse it and promote detoxification. It is also important to drink lots of water throughout the day as well to keep hydrated and to help flush the liver of toxins.


What to Avoid

Make sure the food you are consuming is organically grown, otherwise you are just adding extra toxins (pesticides and chemical strays) along with the food you are eating.

Give your liver a break by eliminating alcohol consumption. It is also especially important to give your liver this extra support if you are taking any pharmaceutical medications, as this all gets processed through your liver. Also avoid fast food, deep-fried foods, processed foods, high sugar foods and high (unhealthy) fat foods. Also minimize your consumption of smoked, cured and salted foods.


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