Alkaline Water-Drink It And Kill Cancer

alkaline water

A lot of research has been proving that alkaline water helps our body expel toxins, metabolize the body, and expel cancer cells.


Although most of this research has been done in Japan, it is still relevant around the world. Afterall, Japanese do have the longest life expectancy in the world!

The pH value is the measure for acidity and alkalinity. Pure rain water is considered to be neutral and it has a pH of 7. Acidic is every value below 7 while every value above 7 is considered alkaline. Our body has a pH that varies in each organ.


The typical modern diet is the main reason that makes our bodies too acidic. It is mainly based on alcohol, sugar, caffeine, processed foods and salt. When there is an overly acidic environment in the body, it may cause weak immune system, headaches, fatigue and abdominal pain. If the environment becomes too acidic or too alkaline, the healthy cells may become toxic, leading to eventual death of the cells. This imbalance corrodes the body tissues.

lemon water making

Alkaline Water – Why, How and When?

It is found that cancer cells cannot live in alkaline water. The alkaline water is extremely powerful. The surveillance system in our body is responsible for the pH balance and it eliminates strong acidic remains. Most importantly, they do so without damaging the healthy cells. However, the results can be really harmful for your health if the burden becomes too heavy.

Another important reason why you should try alkaline water is the body hydration. As your system absorbs the alkaline water, it hydrates the body even more and it improves the overall well-being.

making lemon water

Let us see how to prepare the alkaline water.

You would require 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt, 2 liters of clean and filtered water, and 1 organic lemon (sliced into quarters).

Take a jar and fill it with water. Add the lemon slices and make sure you don’t squeeze the lemon. Add the teaspoon of Himalayan salt, cover the jar and let it stay overnight at room temperature. In the morning, drink 3 glasses of this water on empty stomach (before eating or drinking anything else). This drink will help you achieve the perfect alkaline balance in the body.

Detoxifying lemon alkaline water can also be prepared from 1 lemon, ½ cucumber, ¼ ginger root, ½ cup mint leaves.

Peel and slice a knob of ginger. Slice the lemon, cucumber and mint leaves. Add all the ingredients to the water. Keep overnight and drink in the morning. Once you’ve finished your glass of water, don’t throw out your ingredients. You can reuse them for up to 3 days for making more alkaline water. Drink it first thing in the morning for optimal results and continue drinking it as you wish throughout the day.

Feel the difference, find a more energetic and refreshed you!!


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