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8-Foods To Avoid This Summer

Food to avoid in summer

Summer is around the corner and its going to be hot as ever with mercury levels shooting up to new heights.


To stay cool and hydrated, drink plenty of water and consume loads of fruits and vegetables with high water content and avoid foods that are not summer friendly.  Here are 8 foods to avoid this summer.

Avoid Alcohol

Heat and alcohol is a dangerous combination.  During hot summer, drinking alcohol is like inviting trouble in the form of dehydration and heat stroke.  Alcohol intake reduces the body’s ability to tolerate heat and can cause dehydration and heat stroke.  But if you still want to enjoy a drink, go in for some cooling cocktails with minimal alcohol.


Avoid Too Much Spice

It goes without saying that Indians love spicy foods.  But summer is not the perfect season to do it.   There is a saying “too much is too bad”.  In the same view, too much spicy food, especially during summer, can cause indigestion and bloating.  Moreover, spicy foods can heat up the body and boost metabolism unnecessarily.

Avoid tea and coffee

Tea and Coffee

Caffeine in coffee and tea can cause dehydration and make your face look flushed.  Coffee and tea increases the inside temperature of your body instead of cooling it.   Keep your body cool by avoiding these two beverages, coffee and tea.

Fried Foods

Consuming fried foods can make you feel lethargic as well as show up on your face as pimples and acnes.  Also, fried foods take longer time to digest.  Instead of consuming these junk foods, eat fresh fruits and vegetable high in water content or drink enough water to your keep your body cool.

non-veg in summer

Avoid Non-vegetarian Foods

Generally, non-veg foods takes longer to time to digest as well as produces too much heat inside the body, which can cause stomach ailments leading to so many gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea.  Diarrhea allows fluid to drain out of your body causing dehydration, which might end you up in a hospital.

Avoid Nuts

Nuts generate too much heat and also take longer time to digest.  Nuts are good in winter when the body is relatively cool but not in summer.  Instead of nuts, go in for some fresh fruits, vegetables, or soups.


Ice-cream in summer

Avoid cold drinks and ice creams

A dry throat can find relief in fizzy iced drinks and ice creams but it can upset the entire digestive mechanism.  Too much of icy foods can cause indigestion and diarrhea.  And for people with respiratory problems, icy foods can aggravate the situation by weakening their throat such that disease causing pathogens can thrive.

Beer in summer

Avoid Ice-Cold Beer

Drinking ice-cold beer is also a big No-No during summer.  Initially, it might give you a temporary cooling effect but after 10 to 20 minutes, it starts generating heat and can interfere with your digestive process.


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