7-things you should avoid doing when your girlfriend is on her menstrual cycle

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During menstrual cycle, your beautiful girlfriend is cycling through hormonal fluctuations which can naturally bring about few noticeable changes, physiologically and emotionally.


Physiologically, she might get mild-to-moderate-to-severe abdominal cramping and pain, breasts that are highly sensitive to touch, mood swings, lack of energy, blood loss, and migraines etc.  Emotionally, she can react harshly to insignificant things, can sometimes get angry without provocation, and can get irritated very easily etc.  If you are aware of the above facts, it’s well and good.

While your girlfriend tries to cope with her hormonal fluctuations, EHC would like to share with you the 7-effective ways that will help you to wade over these five days like any other day.


1. Don’t get into debates, serious or otherwise

Avoid serious discussions or debates of any kinds on these days, it will never help you, it will only irritate her and confuse you.  During period, hormone fluctuations in women are known to cloud decision-making skills in them, try and space out these important talks to a different date where you and your girlfriend will be able arrive at a concrete answer. 


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2. Don’t make fun of her 

Your girlfriend can be emotionally sensitive while on her period.  Chances are that she might take your usual light-hearted teasing to heart, get annoyed, and also might stir up a serious relationship problem.  Do you want to barter your relationship for a few jokes? —— No way, right?  

3. Don’t pass comments on her looks

Sometimes keeping your comments to yourself helps.  Passing negative comments about your girlfriend’s looks can get you into trouble.  Don’t tell her she looks pale as a sheet or she doesn’t look pretty.  This can really upset her. The truth is that during period, she tends to lose more blood, have low energy, and also looks pale.  So, instead of passing negative comments on her looks, shower her with more kisses and love, it can do wonders to your relationship with her.  

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4. Pamper your girlfriend with her food cravings

Hormonal changes during period can make your girlfriend crave for her favorite foods.  If you know her favorite foods, go ahead and pamper her with those yummy foods.  She will like it.  She will love you more.

5. Keep painkillers ready

It is natural for you to be concerned about your girlfriend’s health.  During period, your girlfriend can get abdominal cramping or lower back pain for which she might need a painkiller.  Keep painkiller ready, give it to her when she needs it, and also make her feel at ease naturally.  She will thank you for it.  

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6. Your girl don’t want to socialize or go out, respect it

Periods are bloody messy.  On a day like this, your girl might want to take rest by just lying on her bed for the whole day. Respect her feelings, don’t go ahead and fix up a party with your friends on this day and force your girlfriend to accompany you.  Chances are she might hate you for this.  

7. Don’t force your girl for a quickie

While on periods, the desire to have sex may vary among women, some may prefer it and some may not prefer it during these days.  Whatever it is, don’t force your girlfriend for a quickie, she may not like it, but on the other hand, if your girl invites you to a quickie, then you just go ahead and grab the opportunity.  With a good protection on and keeping it as hygienic as possible, you can go for a full throttle.


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