Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

ayurveda for irregular periods

An irregular period, medically known as oligomenorrhea, is a common problem among women. It usually refers to infrequent periods with intervals of more than 35 days.


A normal menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days with menstrual bleeding lasting for two to seven days. Women normally have 11 to 13 periods in a year, but those with oligomenorrhea may have fewer than six or seven periods. Irregular periods are characterized by variations in the time between each of the periods, the number of days that the periods last, and abnormal blood loss (whether less or more than usual) during a period.

A number of factors can cause this problem, such as eating disorders, significant weight loss or gain, anemia, menopause, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance, liver disease, tuberculosis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, recent childbirth or miscarriage, polycystic ovarian syndrome, uterine abnormalities, and other health conditions.


Lifestyle triggers like increased exercise, smoking, alcohol abuse, caffeine, travel, stress, and certain medications and birth control pills can also contribute to this problem. Furthermore, a 2005 European study indicates that asthma and hay fever may also be linked to irregular periods.

Menstrual cycles tend to be irregular during the first few years after menstruation starts and also at the end of a woman’s menstrual years, when she is approaching menopause. In addition, as different women are likely to have different menstrual patterns, slight irregularities once in a while should not be a cause for concern.

Some home remedies are suggested here which can be tried for this problem of irregular periods.

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower

Take five fresh hibiscus flowers and crush them in a juicer to form a smooth paste. Have this with some water in the morning prior to your breakfast. It should be taken seven days before your menstrual cycle starts. This remedy helps balance the estrogen and progesterone level in the body and regulates the monthly cycle.

Holy Basil Leaf

Holy Basil Leaf

Crush some fresh basil leaves to extract its juice. Combine one tsp each of honey and basil juice. Now, sprinkle a dash of pepper powder on this mixture and have it two times a day.

Banyan Tree Roots

Boil fresh roots of a banyan tree in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Then add three tablespoons of cow’s milk to the solution and have it everyday at bedtime to regularize your menstruation.

alovera with honey

Aloe Vera

Take out some fresh aloe vera gel from its leaf and mix one teaspoon of honey in it. Take this mixture daily before your breakfast for around three months. Or else, squeeze out fresh pulp from three aloe leaves and boil it till the color of gel turns brown. After it cools down, take one tsp with a cup of water. Have it early in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not consume it during your menstruation.

Bark of Saraca Asoca

Take a bowl; add one cup of milk, two tbsp of bark extract and a glass of water. Simmer this mixture until it reduces to half. Take this on the 3rd and 4th day of your period, at least three times a day.

Asafoetida for periods


Take a small amount of powdered asafoetida and fry it in the clarified butter. Add it to goat’s milk with some honey. The recommended dose of asafoetida is 200 to 500 mg a day.

Sesame Seeds and Jaggery

Sesame seeds and jaggery do wonder when it comes to cure the problem of irregular periods. Take a handful of sesame seeds and roast them. Then, grind them with one teaspoon of jaggery to form a fine powder. Consume one teaspoon of this powder every day on an empty stomach, two weeks before your periods begin. Follow this for a few months. Alternatively, simply eat a piece of jaggery before periods commence. Do not use this remedy during your periods.

ginger juice for periods


Ginger greatly helps regulate monthly periods in women. It promotes menstruation flow and also relieves women from the unbearable pain. Just boil ½ tsp of freshly ground ginger in one cup of water for 5-10 minutes. Then add a little sugar or honey to enhance the taste. Strain this mixture and drink three times a day after every meal for around one month.

Coriander Seeds

Take two cups of water and add one teaspoon of coriander seeds to it. Boil them until the quantity of water reduces to half. Strain the solution and drink it three times a day for a few days prior the onset of your period. Follow this remedy for one or two months. Alternatively, you can also drink coriander juice on a daily basis.

Try any of these simple techniques and get rid of the bothersome problem of an irregular menses.


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