Shatavari Health Benefits for Women


When anyone talks about the treatment for female fertility problems, the name of the herb Shatavari  (Asparagus racemosus) will be on everyone’s lips. The name Shatavari means “the cure for one hundred diseases”. 


For over 1000 years, Ayurveda has recommended Shatavari to women with reproductive problems. Shatavari is known to prevent female hormonal fluctuations, cleanses and nourishes female reproductive organs, regulates irregular menstruation, and helps with ovulation in women trying to conceive.

The primary ingredients in Shatavari are saponins, proteins, alkaloids, and tannins.  The phytoestrogens found in Shatavari enhances estrogen production in women with low estrogen.   

Benefits of Shatavari


Hormonal fluctuation

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) affects many women while they are fertile; it alters their menstrual cycle, hormonal levels, and ovulation.  Shatavari is known to correct any imbalances in female hormone secretions, stabilizes periods and ovulation, thus helping women to conceive.


Low estrogen contributes to irregular menstrual cycle and sometimes delayed ovulation.  The steroidal saponins present in Shatavari enhances the body’s ability to secrete sufficient estrogen.  Normal estrogen level is required for a woman to have regular menstrual cycle and ovulation.  


Cervical mucus

Cervical mucus

Estrogen hormone stimulates the secretion of cervical mucus during ovulation, it allows the sperm to swim easily into the cervix .    The mucilage present in Shatavari lubricates and protects the mucous membranes of the cervix, thus allowing the sperm to pass into the cervix to meet the egg.

Miscarriage – Threatened: 

During early pregnancy, there may be episodes of bleeding, but the pregnancy continues and it is known as threatened miscarriage.  There are numerous causes for a threatened miscarriage, notable one is inadequate ovarian hormone production.  Seek an Ayurvedic doctor’s opinion on using Shatavari for threatened miscarriage.  Shatavari is known to slow down uterine contractions which may result in threatened miscarriage.

Menstrual Cycle

The saponins present in Shatavari helps regulate the secretion of estrogen, a normal estrogen secretion contributes to a normal menstrual cycle.

lactating mother


Ayurveda suggests that Shatavari increases milk production in lactating mothers. 

Directions for Use

Seek an Ayurvedic doctor’s advice before you start on Shatavari.  But for your information, Shatavari is made available in the powder and capsule form.   Usually Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe 1 to 2 teaspoons of Shatavari powder in a glass of warm milk,


Check out this video explaning the healing benefits of Shatavari

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