10 Easy Ways to Keep Lizards Out of Your House

avoid lizards

The sight of a lizard hanging out in your house will surely put you off.  Though lizards keep your house free from insects, they are like uninvited guests. 


There are lizard repellants available in the market, but it is harmful to adults and kids.  Try some home remedies that can surely keep these slithery pests out of your doors.  Here are 10 easy ways:

1) Egg shells

It is one of the best option and also an age old remedy that helps keep lizards out of your house.  Lizards don’t like the smell of eggs; so keep empty shells of eggs near the places where lizards frequent, it will chase them away.


2) Coffee Powder

This method kills lizards.  Make a few small balls by combining coffee and tobacco powder and leave them around the places where lizards frequent; when lizards eat it, they die, carefully dispose off their bodies.  If you don’t like to kill them, don’t employ this method.


3) Garlic

Lizards hate the smell of garlic as much as human beings.  Keeping garlic cloves near the places frequented by lizards chases them away.  You can spray garlic juice around the house to keep these pests away.

4) Onion

Lizards hate onion smell.  Keep few cut onions near windows, doors, or places where lizards hide, lizards will vacate the place.  Spraying onion juice will also help.

5) Cold water

Lizards are very sensitive to temperature change.  The next time you see a lizard in your house, splash some cold water on it, it will immobilize them.  Grab this opportunity to kill or collect them in a dust pan and throw it out.


peacock feathers

6) Peacock feathers

Lizards fear birds; birds are their natural predators.  Hang few peacock feathers around your house, lizards get scared and leave your house.

7) Cats

Cats not only catch rats but also lizards.  If you don’t have one at home, how about getting one, it will serve as a cuddly pet to you as well as a powerful enemy to the lizards.

8) Electric repellant

Electric repellant is not a home remedy but you can use it; it doesn’t emit anything harmful to human beings.  Only lizards are intolerant to the ultrasonic sounds produced by the electric repellant, they will leave your house forever.

Naphthalene Balls

9) Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls are used to keep your wardrobes safe from pests.  Lizards don’t love naphthalene balls, so they don’t love your house as well. 

10) Pepper spray

Pepper spray keeps away lizards.  Lizards cannot tolerate spicy smell.  Spray it in your kitchen or the hideouts of lizards; it will chase them away.


Check out this video to know how to make all natural pest repeller. 

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