5-Inexpensive and surprising Home Made Pregnancy Tests that shows accurate results

Pregnancy Tests

Motherhood is every woman’s most cherished dream.   And for someone who is trying to get pregnant, a skipped period is something which is scary as well as exciting.   To top it, you’re also confused!   You don’t know if you are pregnant or not?  But you are aware that a pregnancy test can put your confusion to rest.  And you also get ready to undergo a clinical pregnancy test.  But wait! Before you go in for a clinical test, why don’t you try these 5 inexpensive but effective home-made pregnancy tests?

Home-made Pregnancy Test Using Bleach

You might be curious, how come bleach for pregnancy test?  Because all you knew until now about bleach is that it is used as a disinfectant or stain remover.  Rest assured, bleach is a good tool for pregnancy test.  Take ½ cup of bleach and add your urine to it.  You can also urinate directly into the cup containing the bleach.  Mix it well and wait for at least 10 minutes.  If you see foaming, the result is positive.


Care needs to be exercised while handling bleach.  Use disposable gloves, and keep yourself away from the noxious fumes that are emitted during reaction between bleach and urine.

Home-made Pregnancy Test Using Toothpaste

Toothpaste for pregnancy test! Surprised aren’t you?  But the fact is you can confirm pregnancy by this simple means of using toothpaste.  You need to take 1 tbsp of plain toothpaste (not any colored one) in a cup or a bowl.  To it, add your urine or you can urinate directly into the cup.  Look out for any color change, if the color turns blue accompanied by foaming, then you’ve a reason to be happy.  The test is positive.

Pregnancy Tests

Home-made Pregnancy Test Using Sugar

Using sugar is also an inexpensive way to test for pregnancy.   Sugar pregnancy test has a long history.  Women used sugar to confirm pregnancy even before commercial pregnancy kits were made available.   Take 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in a cup and add your urine to it or you can just urinate into the cup.  Once you are finished with it, wait for some time.   If the sugar dissolves in the urine, the result is negative.  On the other hand if the sugar forms clumps or if it doesn’t dissolve in the urine, then the result is positive.


Home-made Pregnancy Test Using White Vinegar

Another inexpensive home-made pregnancy test is done using White Vinegar.  You just need to ensure that you use only white vinegar.    To ½ cup of white vinegar, add your freshly collected urine (the urine collected as soon as you wake up in the morning).  Note for any color change, and if there is any color change, then the result is positive.

Pregnancy Tests

Home-made Pregnancy Test Using Dandelion Leaves

The health benefits of dandelion plant are numerous.  It is used for treating diabetes, liver disorders, urinary disorders, and even cancer.  Apart from this, it also doubles up as a home-made pregnancy kit.  Take a handful of dandelion leaves in a container and urinate directly into the container (preferably urine that is collected as soon as you wake up).  Allow the dandelion leaves to sink and soak in the urine.  Wait for a few minutes, say 10 minutes.  Observe for any changes on the leaves.  If there are reddish bumps or blisters on the leaves, it is clear indication that you have a reason to be happy.  The result is positive.

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