Your Personality As Told By Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

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What type are you? Are you a chocolate person or vanilla person or strawberry person? Or maybe you are more of a butterscotch or mint chocolate chip person.


Your favorite ice cream flavor may reveal more than you realize. EHC brings you the latest in personality typing – according to the ice cream flavors you like. Smack your lips and read on.


Vanilla is one of the simplest of ice cream flavors, but its fans are likely to be colorful, impulsive, idealistic risk-takers who “rely more on intuition than logic,” according to studies conducted by neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. Vanilla lovers were also emotionally expressive and successful in close relationships. Research team used various standardized psychiatric test results to make statistical correlations, explaining that the same part of the brain (the limbic lobe) is responsible for both personality traits and food preference. Interestingly, the study says the taste for your favorite ice cream is set during childhood and tends to remain consistent throughout your life.


Chocolate Chunk

You are “lively, creative, and dramatic” and love being in the spotlight. You might require a little more attention, but you charm everyone with your enthusiasm and sense of style. Double chocolate chunk lovers love to spend time with friends, rather than be alone, and look for passion and excitement in relationships.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint chocolate chip lovers are tough customers. Described as “ambitious and confident, yet a little skeptical about life”, they tend to be stubborn. Always focused on the future, they love to make plans and think ahead. They are also loyal, honest, and dependable types who value close friendships and family ties.

Chocolate Chip

Like a bunch of chocolate chips mixed in with your vanilla ice cream? You have got an ambitious streak and strive for accomplishments in your career and life. Even though you can be competitive and hardworking, you are also generous, never taking anything for granted. Chocolate chip ice cream lovers are at ease in social situations and are often the center of attention.


People who like strawberry ice cream are the wallflowers. They tend to be followers rather than leaders and are shy and reserved. Loyal to family and friends, they would rather stay behind the scenes than be in the spotlight. Described as “thoughtful” and “logical,” they tend to weigh options carefully before making a decision.


Coffee ice cream lovers are lively, dramatic and flirtatious types who live in the moment. They give everything their all, but also tend to over-commit, often starting new projects before finishing old ones. They have a restless energy and can get bored quickly.


If you always order butterscotch ice cream, you are a person of high integrity. You are devoted, conscientious, respectful and fiscally conservative. Butterscotch fans have high standards for right and wrong and tend to be stoic types. While you may not be very open with your thoughts and feelings, you are sensitive to how other people feel.


eating ice creams

Why You Should Eat Ice Cream?

Though Ice cream is not eaten for its nutritional value, they are loved all over the world for its flavors. Since ice cream is a dairy product like milk or yogurt, it contains some of the same vitamins and nutritional content. It is important to read the nutrition label when selecting a type of ice cream to indulge in to maximize health benefits, because they generally have high calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content.


Calcium found in dairy products, like ice cream, is beneficial for strong and healthy bones. Regular calcium intake from ice cream and other dairy products can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Calcium also plays a part in weight loss. Studies have shown a correlation between reduced weight and weight gain prevention with an adequate, daily intake of calcium.


Ice cream is a source for protein which is important for repairing and building tissue. Since protein is not stored in the body, food and dietary supplements with significant amounts of protein are important. When eaten in moderation, ice cream can be one of the many food options to replenish the body’s protein supply.


Ice cream typically contains vitamins A, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12, micronutrients that are only needed in small quantities unlike protein. Vitamin A is important for healthy skin, bone metabolism and immune function. Vitamin A is also very important for the retina, allowing proper eye function for low-light and color vision. Vitamins B2 and B12 are important for energy metabolism, breaking down fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the body.

Too Much Ice Cream is Not Good

Most traditional ice creams are loaded with sugar and saturated fats. They also have high calorie content, and can be a dangerous “trigger” food, or a food that can be easily overeaten. Certain types of ice creams also include added toppings like milk-chocolate, peanut-butter cups, fudge and other forms of candy, which increase their calorie and sugar content. These can lead to major health risks like diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.

You need to consume ice cream in moderation. Those unsure of the weighted health benefits versus the potential health risk of a particular type of ice cream should read the nutrition label on the ice cream container carefully.


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