What Type is Your Friend.. and Avoid These Types

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“A man is known by the company he keeps.” When you look around you cant help realizing the meaning of this statement. Look at your own life.


How important are your friends? How certain friendships impacted your life? There could be a few or one friend who has turned your life around, for good or bad. The company we keep can make or break us. This article looks at the different types of friends and let you decide which ones to keep.

Friends are for life and make your life complete. We all have many friends in life but some turn out to be undesirable. “Undesirable” means that type of a friend who is good at embarrassing you in front of the crowd to gain attention or who is a betrayer. EHC looks at some types that you should try and eliminate from your life.

The Cheater

Many friendships have been crumpled and crushed, because a best friend hit on a friend’s romantic partner. To avoid making best friends with this type, avoid the sneaky flirts, the sweet talkers and generally, people who try flattering you and talking like you mean the world to them. You should know that you are better off with someone who is more true and down to earth with their claims.


The Leech

A friend who constantly borrows your stuff or money or depends too much on you is one that definitely needs to be avoided. No one wants a one sided relationship. If all your friend does is take from you, without giving anything back in the friendship, there is no point in being friends anymore.

The Copycat

Imitation is considered to be the sincerest form of flattery, but a friend who looks or behaves like your photocopy machine can be very scary.

The Shrink

All of us confide in our friends and ask for advice, but when your friend starts acting like a paid shrink who always picks flaws in your life or relationships, it can get very annoying and depressing.

The Selfish Friend

This type of friend can go to any lengths for their benefit, but behaves passively when you ask for help.

The Wild Child

Dangerous and unstable is how you define this type. You usually get in trouble or always end up having to save your friend from trouble.

The Whiner

This type of friend is never satisfied with anything they have, and they spend all their time whining and grumbling about how the world is so darn unfair to them. Stay away.

The Mood Killer

This friend intentionally or unintentionally kills the mood as soon as they enter into a conversation with you. They always seem to find a flaw in anything you do or have, be it your clothes or your love life. Nothing positive ever comes out of their mouth. They are never short of sarcastic comments or depressing thoughts.

The Swinger

This friend is partially bonkers because their mood swings change from being nice to totally snappy in seconds without any provocation. And this friend may just use you like a punching bag to express their feelings, be it frustrations or happiness.


good friends

The Competitive Friend

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. However, the keyword here is friendly. When a friendship becomes more of a competition, it might be time to end it. This type of friend is always finding ways to compete, whether it is for the attention of a guy, the approval of other friends, or for job-related praise.

The Promise Breaker

She calls you and asks for a ride home from work. You readily oblige. A few weeks later, you find yourself in the same position. You whip out your phone and call her. When she finally picks up, she promises to be there in five minutes. Five minutes fade into ten, twenty, and then thirty. She never shows up. The Promise Breaker is the type of friend who is constantly breaking promises but still expects everything from you in return.

The Gossip

Don’t tell anyone, but the next morning, you have got an inbox full of people hounding you about the secret that your friend swore to uphold. Does this sound familiar? If so, then you might have unfortunately befriended The Gossip. Uncomfortable with vulnerability, this type of friend is constantly breaking your confidentiality.

The Hater

A friend who is a hater can never be satisfied. They always tend to make negative opinions about situations. Like they never like the attire that you choose or the people you talk to are not good for you. They are very good at making things seem bad and blocking your positive vibes. They never get happy with your choices. They feel jealous at times and will never compliment you for your good choice even if they loved it.

The Manipulator

The manipulator one is often the stealthy one. Such friends are very good at manipulating things and have usually got too many things to mention. It is better to keep away from such friends as they can manipulate things according to their convenience.

The Backstabber

Those who backstab are very good at your face. They can make you enjoy their company and have fun with them. You like spending time with them and it becomes so confusing to recognize the backstabbers. But when you hear something negative from others it gets depressive. Give these friends chances to explain themselves but stay bold enough to distant yourself from such friends.

The One who Finishes Your Sentences

This is a friend who knows you well and can read your mind. They are so interested in your conversations that before you speak your story, they intrude in between and finish off the story even when they have never heard it. They are good at hijacking the conversations. They love to talk and won’t let you talk. More than a friend they need audience who can just listen to them.

The Unintelligent

We are not talking about the kind of dumb that can’t be helped. It is about the kind of dumb that is a result of an immense ego, voluntary ignorance and self-righteousness. Most of us know at least one or two people who are completely unintelligent as a result of continually making bad decisions and not learning from their mistakes for their entire lives.

The Constantly Depressed

Not those that have an actual chemical imbalance, but those who act like they do. We all know people who are always feeling bad for themselves, always complaining about how difficult their lives are and how unlucky they are. Bad luck is not a lifelong circumstance. If your life sucks, then guess what? It is mostly, if not entirely, your fault. Don’t keep these folks around unless you want them to bring you down with them.


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