What about Her Turns Him On

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During our school and college, boys would have commented on girls, flirted with them, hated them, and made friends with them.


And then comes along that girl who makes you skip a beat. Sometimes just watching that special girl turns you on. EHC gathers a few pointers on what turns a guy on sensually about a girl.

For a guy, getting turned on is all in the head. If he is experiencing the stage of infatuation or watching a girl he does not know, he would get turned on in no time. If he is in a relationship with you, it may take just a wee bit of effort to get him high and mighty. Read on for those things that would definitely turn on any guy.

Skin and skimpy clothes

Give a guy a little peek-a-boo or flash him a bit of thigh in a flimsy skirt when he least expects it, and all he would want is more.


Gentle touches

Guys love it when a cute girl gently touches them. It doesn’t have to be sensual, but as long as the touch tingles his sensation, he will feel tight around his jeans.

Close proximity

Ever found yourself standing in an elevator with a guy you like? Stand close to his side, and he will have a lump in his throat. Stand in front of him and graze your back against his pants, and he will have a lump way below his throat.

A sensually confident girl

A sensually confident girl is a huge turn on for any guy. Getting the opportunity to date a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.

A shy girl who is not so shy

There is something about the cute girl next door with her little cute books and her cute attitude that guys like. But when a guy dates this sweet girl and sees that she has got more of a sensual wild side than he could ever have imagined, he would be tight around his shorts for many days to come.

A girl who can surprise him

Surprise your man with a few sensual tricks up your sleeve and he will love you for it. Open the door for him with nothing on but your sensual lingerie. Strip yourself off for no reason out of the blue and ask him to take you. Shock him, awe him, and surprise him and he will desire you and get turned on by you forever.

Accidental touches

Have you ever bumped into a guy and accidentally touched him down there with your hand? Or have you sat down next to him and scribbled something on an iPad or a notebook when it is on his lap? If a guy gets to feel an attractive girl’s breasts, there is little that can stop him from growing down there.

Accidental kiss

Accidental kisses don’t happen all the time, but when it does happen, it is something a guy’s little head will never forget.


man admires woman

Well fitting clothes

This sounds rather refined and clean. Guys get turned on by a girl who looks really hot in clothes that fit her well. Just watching a girl’s breasts take shape in her perfectly fitting tight top is a definitely turn on for any guy.

See-through clothes

Sheer white shirts and black bras on girls are every guy’s dream, especially when it is wet. Guys love it when a girl wears clothes that are so thin and flimsy that all they need is a light source on the other side to see every curve on her body through the light.

Stiff nipples

Stiff nipples are a sight that no guy forgets, be it on a girl on the street or on the girl next door. It is every guy’s dream to pinpoint the exact location of a girl’s nipple. Help him out with that and his fantasies will fly.

Boy shorts

Guys love boy shorts on a girl with never ending legs. The little sneak peeks of her cute back when she bends low are almost always etched on a guy’s mind, never to fade away. Wear one the next time you pick a piece of paper on the floor. You will probably find his jaw on the floor when you get up.

There are indeed many creative ways to turn him on. You may use your imagination and google to find ideas. Go ahead and make your days!


Image courtesy: becomegorgeous.com , conversadehomem.com.br

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