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Scorpio Woman in Bed: Scorpio women look quiet and innocent; however, they are the wildest of the zodiac. They don’t like to play games and usually get what they want. Beware: Scorpio women can hold a grudge for a long time and may even seek revenge.

Best Position: They love bedroom play the most – so they are up for anything. The Superwoman pose is super for the intense, hypnotic Scorpion. The woman faces a bed and places her hands shoulder width apart on the edge. The man holds her upper thighs and penetrates from behind.

Scorpio Hot Spots: Scorpio’s hot spot is between their legs. Knowledge also turns them on. Talking dirty will really get them going. Prepare for a wild and satisfying ride.

Scorpio Compatibility: Compatible with Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Sagittarius (November 22 -December 21)

Sagis are very playful and laid back. They also like to embellish their stories. They are spontaneous and adventurous in the bedroom. When they find “the one,” they are dedicated full time as long as the other is devoted as much.

Sagittarius Man in Bed: He loves to pursue, however, he can be quite selfish in the bedroom. When in a relationship, if the play is withheld, he will look for it somewhere else.

Sagittarius Woman in Bed: Sagi women change their mind often and can be hard to keep up with. Sagi women are very adventurous in the bedroom and is very open minded. They will hide their emotions, so it is hard to read them.

Best Position: They will do anything, and like it more than once. The Bridged Over position is great for uninhibited and impulsive Sagis. You need to be fairly flexible for this one, gal. The woman first lies on her back, then raises her stomach followed by her shoulders, resting only on her palms. The man kneels in front of her, holding her thighs for support.

Sagittarius Hot Spots: Sagis rule the hips and thighs. So grip and grab them gently. Try stroking and massaging.

Sagittarius Compatibility: Compatible with Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra.

Capricorn (December 22 -January 19)

Capricorns like to hide their emotions, so you can never tell if they are in love. Capricorns are driven by money and manage it well.

Capricorn Man in Bed: After working all day long, Capricorn men want to get it done and over with. Don’t expect a lot of spontaneity. They usually keep their fantasies in their head.

Capricorn Woman in Bed: Control freaks and usually enjoy experimenting, expect random desires and requests.

Best Positions: Spooning. And instead of letting your partner take the initiative all the time, get into Rude Rider mode. It is the classic woman-on-top seated position, while the man lies below her with some extra support. The man raises the woman, hands under her thighs.

Capricorn Hot Spots: Capricorns rule the knees. Pay attention to this area and they should loosen up and provide you with all of their attention.

Capricorn Compatibility: Compatible with Virgo, Taurus, and Pisces.

Aquarius (January 20 -February 18)

Aquarius is the master of sensual twists and turns. Play is more of an intellectual experience, rather than physical. Aquarius also fears commitment, so don’t rush the “L” word when with this sign. They are very entertaining and inventive in bed. Expect to learn new things. Most Aquarians are very impatient, so they like sex to be fast and very satisfying.

Aquarius Man in Bed: He likes to experiment, so expect watching porn, role playing, doing it in public places and S&M. Aquarius men can keep at it as long as it takes for their partner to finish.

Aquarius Woman in Bed: Aquarius women need lover who are upfront and honest. She doesn’t have time for games, so as soon as you begin, she will disappear. She tries not to show her emotions, so she may seem cold and distant at times.

Best Positions: Sit On Me is a nice position for the quirky, unconventional Aquarian. The man sits on a bed as though he is sitting on an armchair. However, in this position, he is the armchair. The woman sits on him, exactly opposite, supports her hands on the bed and her legs on his shoulders. Also mutual self pleasure works well.

Aquarius Hot Spots: Aquarius loves their legs and calves being fondled. Do not go below the ankles!

Aquarius Compatibility: Compatible with Libra, Gemini, and Aries.

Pisces (February 19 -March 20)

Pisces prefer to put all their efforts toward pleasing their partners. When doing any intimate deed, they consider it an act of romance. They are in love with romance, however, can become jealous easily.

Pisces Man in Bed: Pisces men are very romantic and excellent lovers. He is into romance and prefers to make love than have actual play.

Pisces Woman in Bed: Pisces women need romance, they need cuddling and whispers of affection. She wants to be adored and needed. If she gets what she wants, she will make sure all your needs are taken care of.

Best Position: Anything that involves their partner’s pleasure. You’re complex and some part of you craves S&M, mostly masochism. The woman lies on the bed stomach up, legs folded at the knees. The man faces his back to her before penetration, holding her thighs for support.

Pisces Hot Spots: Pisces hot spot is their feet. Start off with a foot bath, massage and tease.

Pisces Compatibility: Compatible with Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn.

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