Low-Calorie Foods Overweight People Can Eat

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Overweight is a condition in which the body has more fat than the optimal level. It is commonly due to high-calorie foods and sedentary lifestyle.


To be healthy, the body requires an optimum level of fat. Proper functioning of hormones, reproductive system, and immune system are affected by excess fat levels in the body. Too much storage of fat in the body also affects the appearance. If you have a body mass index or BMI more than 25, you are considered as overweight. EHC brings you a list of low-calorie foods which can help you to lose weight.


Capsicum is also known as bell pepper, jalapeno, chili, etc. This is available in different colors and is rich in beta carotene. Capsicum also contains vitamins A and C. This is an important food for weight loss as it contains only 4.5 calories in 25 grams capsicum. This improves the metabolism of the body and helps to lower the triglycerides in the fat deposits.



This is an ideal weight-loss food for young people. It has no fat and is a rich source of vitamin C. It contains only 3.6 calories in one floret. It fills up your stomach and therefore there will not be any craving for food. It is very low in carbohydrate content and can improve your heart health. It also contains fiber which helps in proper digestion.


They are delicious and have different nutritional components. They are rich in fiber content which helps to prevent constipation and other health conditions. It has high water content and fills your stomach easily. The calorie count is less than 5 in one fruit.


Scallions or green onions are a low calorie food which is fat free. Scallions help to reduce the inflammations in the body. The calorie content in one scallion is just 6.4. This food reduces cancer risk. They contain flavonoids, antioxidants, fibers, minerals, and vitamins which provide many health benefits.


This is one of the lowest calorie foods from nature. It contains 7.4 calories per stalk and loads of nutrients. The phytochemical present in celery relaxes the muscle tissue in the artery walls. This will help to improve the blood flow and lowers the blood pressure.


It is one of the power foods with vitamins, proteins, fiber, etc., which are necessary for the proper working of our body. It contains antioxidants and has low calorie content. One cup of spinach contains only 7.8 calories hence it is a good choice of food for those who want to lose weight.


Lettuce is must have food for weight loss. You can add flavors to your meal with romaine lettuce. They are extremely low in calorie and have high water content.


This is another great food for weight loss. Cucumber has high water content which gives fullness to the stomach when eaten. You require more energy to chew the cucumber than what you get from it. Hence it is an energy burning food. A 75 grams of cucumber contain only 9 calories. It is a rich source of vitamin B.

Doing mild exercises along with these low calorie foods will increase the speed at which you will burn the fat from your body. Continue the low calorie foods even after losing weight to maintain the ideal body weight.


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Low-Calorie Indian Foods

Globally, Indian food has a reputation to be oily, spicy and heavy to digest. We take a look at the popular Indian dishes that are delicious and healthy at the same time. Remember that there are certain rules – you must control the levels of oil, butter, spices, cream and cheese.

Buttermilk – This thick delicious dairy product goes well with any dish and is relished by family members. Calorie intake – 30 calories per glass.

Ragi dosa – A popular South Indian dish that is made from ragi and not from rice. It is still a winner among dosa lovers. Calorie intake – 87 calories per dosa.

Oats idli – Idlis are a great way to begin your day. Again, it is a South Indian delicacy that has Indians lapping it up with hot sambar. Calorie intake – 26 calories per idli.

Chicken tikka – A global hit, chicken tikka needs no explanation. It is definitely healthier than chicken tikka masala. Calorie intake – 273 calories per plate.

Dal tadka – Every Indian loves the simple dal and chawal. It is healthy and no longer a poor man’s food. Calorie intake – 118 calories for a small bowl.

Tandoori chicken – Indian food is synonymous with tandoori chicken. It may be overstated but it garners a huge fan following across the globe. Calorie intake – 273 calories per piece.

Tandoori roti – Prepared from whole wheat, tandoori roti is baked in a clay oven that gives it a distinguished taste. A healthy accompaniment to Indian curries and tandoori chicken. Calorie intake – 102 calories per tandoori roti.


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