Lose 7 Kg in 7 Days – GM Diet Indian Style

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The GM or General Motors diet program was developed for employees of General Motors, Inc., as part of the management’s intention to facilitate a wellness and fitness program for everyone.


After having explored for what accounts to be the ultimate diet plan for the Indian populace, it has been found that the regular GM diet with an Indian twist is a perfect solution for Indians, especially the Indian women. Many want to follow a GM diet but are put off by it because of not eating meat.

In a regular GM diet, the person is given the choice to eat beef or chicken on day 5 and 6 but since most don’t happen to consume it, these days can be kept aside for other protein rich food products like cottage cheese (paneer), tofu, soybean curd and fish. Fish is a really healthy option for those who include it in their normal eating habit. Aside from these, you can also make a bean sprout salad or red kidney beans curry, which are lavishly rich in proteins. You need not worry about the authenticity of this diet and how much it differs from its original because it doesn’t except for the minor options to suit the Indian diet.


GM Diet Indian Style

Day 1: You may eat all types of fruits except bananas and yes, water is going to be your companion throughout the day. 10-12 glasses of water is the norm.

Day 2: Start your second day with the vegetable of your choice, although the suggestion goes to potatoes as they are energy boosters bursting with carbohydrates. Greens and boiled vegetables will be excellent options for lunch and dinner. You may want to try the ‘GM wonder soup’, the recipe of which will follow right after you are done reading this diet plan.

Day 3: Here you have a lot more options this time around because it is going to be a mix of fruits and vegetables with the exception of banana. In addition, water goes without saying.

Day 4: On your fourth day, you can take skim milk or yogurt with bananas for breakfast. You can indulge in any vegetable soup or the GM wonder soup for lunch and dinner.

Day 5: This day is going to be a little different from the earlier ones because you are about to include brown rice in your diet. You may have soybean or normal curd, tomatoes and cucumber. And again, we are talking about 1 cup of brown rice here.

Day 6: It is brown rice with vegetables along with your favorite meat. That goes for non-veggies. Beef, fish or any other protein rich meat is an open option. As for the GM diet vegetarian Indian, soybean curd is a really good option.

Day 7: Two cups of brown rice along with fruits and vegetables will constitute the last day of your diet. You can also reduce your count from 12 to 10 glasses of water by replacing the rest with fruit juices.


GM Diet

GM Wonder Soup Recipe

Ingredients: Onions – 6 nos, large. Tomatoes – 3 nos, medium. Cabbage – 1. Green peppers – 2. Celery – a generous bunch. Water – ½ liter.

Cut the onions and peppers. Take a pot and sauté these veggies, in olive oil if possible, till they develop a mild brown hue. Chop the tomatoes, celery and cabbage and add them to the pot along with the prescribed amount of water. This soup takes about 60 minutes to cook and will need an initial boiling, followed by leaving it to simmer. You can season it with pepper and salt to your liking.

One of the many upsides to this diet is that there is a fair amount of meat included at definite points in this diet for those yearning to eat chicken, beef or fish. You could also include delectable salads at your will.

By now it would be clear to you that the GM diet is not particularly hard to follow. Nowadays, you are offered many options in eating that will inevitably end you up in unhealthy eating lifestyle. The rates of obesity in young children are climbing the ladder every year. So, it is high time to do a junk detoxification every once in a while. This will not just help your body but will also bring down the craving for unhealthy fast foods.


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