Is Your Food Killing Your sensual feelings?

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You would have heard of aphrodisiacs that are available in the market that can help boost your desire and enhance your performance in love making. But have you heard of “anaphrodisiacs”?

These are the foods that will really prevent you from having an enjoyable and pleasurable love life. There are many times when you might have come across such a situation where you are in no mood for the play but your partner wants you to rip him or her apart. There are even times when both of you lack the desire to have desire. You need not worry any more. Here is a list of foods that are responsible for low desire and also hinder you from having an enjoyable life. It is up to you how you keep away from them.

High Sugar Foods

Sugary foods, especially if they are processed, are filled with trans fats, which will wreck your immune system as well as your desire. Saturated fats clog up your arteries which reduce the flow of oxygen to your organs. Sugar can even affect your fertility because its trans fats have a negative impact on your spleen by reducing its ability to produce the white blood cells necessary to make sperm and eggs multiply.


The sugar that is present in the cereals will spike and will also cause a crush in your blood level that will in turn affect testosterone. This will make you a poor performer in bed. Hence, make sure that you do not consume cereals if you have intentions of making love with your partner at night.


Many people believe that alcohol is very good before play as it helps them to shed off their inhibitions and approach their partner better. There are even people believe that consumption of a little bit of alcohol increases their sensual drive and makes them a perfect performer in bed. But, in most cases, people do not stop with a peg and consume three to four pegs of alcohol that will prevent them from having an enterprising session with their partner.

Diary Products

The dairy products that you get in the market these days are not natural, anymore. The high-fat dairy products, such as cheese, can cause a lot of damage to your body. Overconsumption of such products will induce toxins that will interfere with the production of the natural, mood uplifting hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.


Licorice contains the active ingredient glycyrrhetinic acid, which reduces cortisol levels and leads to lowered testosterone. Skip your licorice tea for green tea or ginseng for a better love life.


It is healthy and a good replacement for meat. But, soy contains phytoestrogens that competes with the male sex hormone. It is enough to cause fertility issues, male breast growth and body hair loss.


If you are a coffee lover, then it is better than you reduce taking a lot of coffee to become a good performer in bed. Taking 5 to 6 cups of coffee every day will cause damage to your adrenal glands. The function of the adrenal glands will be reduced due to excess consumption of coffee and this will in turn produce stress hormones. Hence, limit to just one or two cups of coffee everyday.

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Many people who are ready to have play with their partner would pop up peppermint chewing gums or even eat mint leaves to keep their mouth fresh. But, do you know that mint has a bad effect on your love life? The menthol in the peppermint has been found to be an ingredient that can lower your testosterone levels and make you a poor performer in bed.

Canned Food

There are large amounts of sodium in the canned foods that will reduce the flow of blood all over your body. Consuming too much of canned food will also lower your potassium levels as well as reduce blood flow to your genitals. Finally, you will end up losing vigor and sensual urge completely.


Oysters are considered an aphrodisiac because they are very high in zinc, which is a desire booster. But they are actually toxic. While you can get oysters from comparably healthy places, realize that they are absorbing all the parasites and toxic substances in the ocean – and they go straight into your body, which kind of cancels out the enhancing properties of zinc.

So, eat right; keep a tab on the foods you eat, especially the ones on this list, and have a great time with your partner.

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