How to Improve Your Body Confidence

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What you see is what you believe! We tend to place a huge significance on our appearance, with many of us believing that the way we look and present ourselves is very important in succeeding in life.


We think that good-looking people tend to get more opportunities in life. Moreover, we place a huge emphasis on our weight. We have all been guilty of feeling on top of the world when we have lost a few pounds. Feeling good in your skin has nothing to do with your size. It is all about having a positive body image. Think of yourself as confident and sexy, and take on the world.

Functional, not the looks.

You can walk and run and bike and lift and grow little people inside of you! How amazing! Instead of criticizing what your body looks like all the time, show it a little love by appreciating what it does for you every day. Set goals to do something (like run a marathon), not be something (like a certain pants size or weight), and you will be more likely to accomplish those goals and feel good about yourself.


What is health?

You eat a balanced diet, you fit activity into your daily routine, and you enjoy yourself when you’re out with friends rather than fret over how many calories you are consuming. Isn’t that healthier than being at a certain weight or size? Health is about feeling great, and if you are killing yourself trying to be “healthy,” something is wrong with your approach.

Don’t look at clothing sizes while shopping.

Clothing sizes vary much from store to store that one retailer’s 12 is another’s 8. So why bother paying attention? It just makes you feel bad about yourself when the size you think you should be does not fit. Try not to look at the size and when you get home, cut out the label so the “size 8 pants” just become the “pants that fit me really well.”

Dress comfortably.

Tight and too-revealing clothes make you gratingly aware of your body all day, stripping away your confidence (which is sexier than anything you could wear). If you have to go up a size to feel good in your clothes, do so rather than try to squeeze yourself into the size you think you should wear.

Keep positive people around you.

You should not rely entirely upon others to supply you with self-worth, but let me tell you that when my fiance tells me I’m beautiful, it goes a long way toward making me see it myself. When an ex-boyfriend would tell me I was fat and had gross skin, I saw that, too. (You can guess why one of these men is an ex and the other my future husband.) Keep people around you who build you up instead of tearing you down, and your self-image will improve greatly.

Plan to eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day.

Not only is eating frequent meals good for your metabolism, it prevents you from getting too hungry, which can cause overeating and inevitable guilty feelings. Planning your meals can help make you feel in control, and self-discipline is a huge part of self-worth.



Be nice.

When you get into the habit of sincerely complimenting other people, you will, in effect, build yourself up. Take it one step further and help others. Volunteer. Talk to a lonely teen or senior citizen. You won’t worry so much about your own flaws when you’re looking for opportunities to give back.

Get active

So you are sick of reading about the benefits of exercise, but the fact is this: Exercise works. Instead of starting a workout regimen to fix your flaws (the negative approach), get active because it will help you love your body. By working out, you realize what your body is capable of and what it can do for you; these positives will begin to drown out any negative opinions you may have about your appearance.

Don’t compare.

Why do women torture themselves? They watch television, read magazines and subconsciously (or consciously) compare themselves to every airbrushed woman they see. Forget about those other women and take a good look in the mirror. If you see something you don’t like, change it.

Start appreciating what your body actually can do, achieve, help you experience. That body you’re in is helping you read this page right now, carrying all the negative energy of your thoughts, and still doing the thousands of little tasks it must do every second to keep your soul connected to life on this planet in this time. Start and end the day by saying “my body is my friend”, even if you don’t believe it right now.


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