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darkness around the eyes

When you look in the mirror, do you see dark circles around your eyes? If so, you’re not alone.


According to a 2006 study by the cosmetics company Clinique, 50 per cent of women said that dark circles and puffiness around the eyes were major beauty concerns.

Dark circles and puffiness are two of the most common problems that people notice around their eyes, especially when exacerbated by lack of sleep. Dark circles under eyes usually aren’t a sign of exhaustion or serious illness, though they can make you feel old, unhealthy and tired. Dark circles under eyes affect both men and women, often starting in adulthood, although children can develop dark circles under eyes, too.


Here are 25 points which can help you out to avoid or reduce the dark circles around your eyes.

cucumber on eyes

1. Cucumber:

Cucumber juice is a common remedy. It should be applied daily around eyes and washed off with plain water after 15 minutes. Do it twice a day.
Dark circles can also be treated by mixing cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal quantities. Apply daily and wash off with water after 15 minutes.
Close your eyes and cover your eyelids with slices of raw chilled cucumber for 15-20 minutes. Wash with warm water and apply a cream. For best results, use this remedy every day.
Grate a cucumber, squeeze to take out its juice and refrigerate. Make a mixture of lemon juice, lanolin cream and cucumber juice and apply around the eye for 10-15 minutes twice a day.


potato paste on face

2. Potato:

Mixing potato juice with cucumber juice in equal quantities helps if there is puffiness along with dark circles. Apply around your eyes twice a day.
Close your eyes and cover your eyelids with slices of raw potato for 15-20 minutes. Wash with warm water and apply a cream. Do it daily.
Grate two small chilled potatoes and apply it on to your eyes daily for 15 to 20 minutes, before rinsing your eyelids off with cool water.

turmeric tomato lemon pineapple

3. Turmeric & Tomato:

Mash 1 tsp. tomato juice, 3-4 drops of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder, enough white flour together into a medium-thick paste and dab it under your eyes daily. After fifteen minutes, wash the paste away. This should lighten the dark circles and address puffiness to some degree.
Make a thick paste of turmeric, tomato juice, lentils (masoor dal) and lemon juice. Apply this paste around eyes and let it dry. Then wash with fresh water. Do it daily.
Apply tomato juice around your eyes for 10-20 minutes twice a day and wash thouroughly.
Make it a habit of drinking tomato juice with some mint leaves (pudina), lemon juice and salt

4. Lemon:

Apply lemon juice on the black circles 2 times a day.

5. Turmeric & Pine apple:

Apply a paste of turmeric powder with pineapple juice for dark circles under the eyes once daily for 20 minutes.

mint almonad ice

6. Mint:

Apply crushed mint around the eye for 20 minutes twice daily.

7. Almonds:

Almond or almond oil helps to remove dark circles and is an excellent “skin food”. Remove the cream or oil applied around the eye after 10 min. No cream should be left on the skin around the eyes for long periods.
Mix crushed almonds with a few drops of milk. Apply this paste around eyes every morning for ten minutes.

8. Cold Therapy:

Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft napkin and place it under your eyes. This reduces the dilation and discoloration in the blood vessels. Instead of an ice pack, you could also try a bag of frozen peas, a chilled teabag and a cold spoon.

9. Elevation:

Place two or more pillows under your head when you sleep or take a nap. This prevents the puffiness that occurs when liquid gathers in the lower eyelid

10. Shades and Sunscreen:

In the short term, a tan may hide your dark circles, but as tan wears off your shadows may be more prominent than before. To prevent this, protect your skin from extra pigmentation

11. Saline Spray:

Relieve your nasal congestion by rinsing your sinuses with a saltwater solution or an over the counter saline spray. This should help alleviate dark circles

12. Tea Bag:

Take a used tea bag (black, green or white), after it has cooled, and apply it to the skin under your eyes. Lay down while you do this – otherwise, it’s hard to get the tea bag to stick. Leave in place for about 10 minutes. Make sure the tea bag is somewhat dry because if it’s too moist, irritating tea can get into your eyes, which can make you look like you’ve been crying.

13. Cold washcloth:

When washing your eyes after using any of these remedies for dark eye circles, use a washcloth soaked in cold water. Cold water helps to constrict the blood vessels under the eyes and can also reduce puffiness

14. Drink Water:

Drink more water. 8-10 glasses per day, no excuses. Water helps to cleanse your body of impurities, which can contribute to dark eye circles.

15. Sleep:

While lack of sleep may not necessarily cause dark circles, it could cause you to appear pale, which makes the dark circles on your skin stand out more evidently. To avoid this, make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep each day.

16. Stay Out of Sun:

If you’re going to be outside, use a sunscreen to avoid making those dark eye circles darker. Always use sunglasses when going out in sun to protect the eyes from the harmful rays.

vegetable and fruits

17. Vegetables & Fruits:

Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin E for healthy eyes. Drinking of fruit juice devoid of preservative and in its natural form also helps heal dark circles.

18. Rose Water:

Dip cotton balls in rose water or chilled water. Keep them on eyes for 5-10 minutes.

19. Nutmeg:

Apply a paste of the herb nutmeg/ Jadhi/ Jaiphal with milk all around the eyes and over the eyelids.

20. Papaya:

Massage the area around the eyes with papaya pulp for five minutes and then leave it for another ten minutes before washing off.

21. Avoid Sweet:

A person having sweet tooth is more prone to dark circles so one must practice self-penance and abstain from consuming any sort of chocolate and sweets.

22. Chicken & Pepper:

Eating De-skinned chicken, pepper of red, yellow and orange variety are very good for removing the dark circles and thus enhance beauty.

23. Avoid Smoking & Alcohol:

Abstinence from smoking, drinking, eating junk foods and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle helps in removing dark circles from under the eyes.

24. Avoid Chemical Bleach:

Chemical bleach can damage the under eye skin causing dark circles so one should not bleach but replace it with some natural face packs that do not harm under eye skins.

25. Acupressure:

Press the mount below index finger of the palm. It is good for eyesight and also removes dark circles.

In most of the cases, the above mentioned points should help you to avoid or reduce the dark circles around the eyes. There are many other causes too for the dark circles around the eyes like, allergies, asthma, liver problems etc. So if the dark circles remains ever after trying out these points, then it’s time to consult your doctor.


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