Hair Growth – A Therapy Called Balayam

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Balayam, is an alternative reflexology therapy for hair growth which involves rubbing identical fingernails together with some amount of force.


Though there are a number of people who believe that this technique really works, it has its own share of critics, too. So, before coming to a conclusion, let’s take a look at some facts about Balayam and also try to debunk some myths as well.

Balayam, a Yoga technique, was invented in India by ancient sages who were yoga masters and doctors of their time. These scholarly Indian ancestors who even excelled in science of Ayurveda and Human Physiology found Balayam as a simple solution to the most complex problem of baldness. According to them, Balayam or Nakhancha Vyayam is a perfect cure for many hair aliments, it works without any special medicine and lotion, it works without disturbing the natural state of a complex human body.


Balayam is a union of two Hindi words “bal” and “vyayam” where bal means hair and vyayam indicates exercise. In simple language “Balayam” means an exercise for hairs. To be more specific, Balayam is an acupressure therapy in which a person rubs his/her fingernails of both hands against each other to stimulate scalp’s activities. This stimulation if done correctly, frequently and for a longer period of time is known to boost natural hair growth and cure male baldness.

How Does Balayam Work?

Nerves below the nail bed are connected to the scalp and regular nail rubbing stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the scalp. Frequent rubbing continuously stimulate the scalp thus rejuvenating hair follicles and enhancing hair growth by controlling DHT (dihydrotestostrone) resulting denser, thicker, and stronger hairs. Balayam even stops graying of hairs. It is also known to soothe headaches and heal neurological disorders of brain.

To most people Balayam seems like a joke at first but experience says it is the most effective yoga for hairs. It is the best natural remedy to control hair fall and regain lost hairs. Balayam can be practiced by anybody irrespective of their age and gender. In many cases, it works slowly but gently, gives expected results only after a long regular practice of at least 6-7 months. To get expected results do nail rubbing exercise daily for an hour or in four sessions of 15 minutes each. People with high blood pressure should not practice balayam since it may aggravate their blood pressure.



The Scientific Side

Believers say that there are certain nerve-endings below your fingernails which are stimulated when you rub them together. It is claimed that when you rub your fingernails, you stimulate your brain to send a signal to adult stem cells to revive the dead or unproductive hair follicles. Rubbing fingernails also increases blood circulation to your scalp, which strengthens your hair follicles and in turn prevents hair fall or graying. However, no scientific research has been conducted to substantiate these positive claims of Balayam.

People with high blood pressure should not perform Balayam as it may worsen their condition. It is also believed that sometimes Balayam may lead to drowsiness, so it is not advisable to perform it during work hours or before driving a vehicle. Pregnant women too are advised not to perform it, as it may cause uterine contractions or high blood pressure.

If you are looking to combat hair loss then it will take about 3-6 months, whereas for hair growth you will need to wait for about 6-9 months, depending upon how frequently you rub your fingernails.

What Research Says?

A research made by Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology claims that hair turns gray because of a chemical reaction within our body which causes the hair to bleach on its own. This process starts when an enzyme called catalase starts decreasing in our body. Lack of catalase means that hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down and it starts accumulating in your hair, which in turn lead to gray hair. Every person faces hair fall due to different reasons. Some of the factors which can cause hair loss include hereditary problems, hormonal imbalance especially in the case of women, prolonged illness, anemia, stress, and lifestyle and dietary habits. Balayam cannot address all these problems together and hence there is a criticism that it is ineffective.

EHC would like to add that for people with chronic hair fall or baldness, Balayam could be an option. After all, there are no side effects to rubbing of fingernails.


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